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Can u please add a feature that,

anybody can ping anybody ( sometimes morethan a user) in comments of a particular question.


Why this feature is important ?

if i have a doubt on some question, may be my doubt can clear by some users i know, if they are not seen that question.

one option i have, send a private message to all the users who i wants to responds,

if you implement pinging option it may useful than above method....

and moreover user should have that preference also... why because some of the users don't want to ping them
posted Jul 1 in Others by Boss (31,183 points) | 467 views


So this feature is not available yet? It is not so publicized due to the same reason in the post. Ideally we do not want the users to be disturbed by others as there are many people who are here solely for that purpose.

@Digvijay I think he meant mention like we do in FB.
@ Arjun, sir, but with the option in preference we can avoid to participate in pinging
Where is that option?
i mean, if you develop that feature, you can also add it on preference then user can avoid to participate in pinging if user doesn't want to disturb him

I'm not a PHP developer. One lakh GATE people from CSE are here - anyone can do it :) I'm fed up of leechers who come here, demand stuffs, and when they get good ranks go and become advertising models for coaching institutes. So, now onwards earn what you need.

sorry sir, i can understand the pain.... but when those people asked by some freshers what is the reason for your success... even though they can't say outside people they internally remember the fact that GO helps alot...
@ Arjun sir, i have a simple idea, for how to add this feature in the site ...

i can do it... but the problem is i should have one copy of this site in my local host. i hope it's more confidential


if you don't want to give me, i will tell the idea,..

i think discussion on this ongoing block may help u

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