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Hello , My name is Sayan Ghosh , 2018 passout and this i am writing in general to thank the entire GO community which has helped me so much throughout and to give my bit of help to those who need it for future.

I want to thank the GO community especially the ones who have posted in the interview experiences and all the people who have kept up the motivation and determination of the aspirants.I failed to get top IIT's/IISC in this year but i believed that my main problem was not with my overall preparation but my time management/tension due to not knowing some core details like the undecidability,cantor's diag. theory, and some theoretical details in CN( i am on the weaker side in this).. i thought that these few details i would not worry about it but in the end it did cause me to tense up during the exam.Hence, in the forthcoming exams i decided to rather stick to what i know than going beyond what i can read and understand in the last moment.Thankfully i could go through the next set of exams ... got qualified in IIITH,ISI,BARC and most recently ISRO :) .I want to thank Arjun sir for creating GO community which is so helpful and the GO pdfs.Also,I want to specially thank Vishal Rawat ,Abhisek Mukherjee and a user here  by name KungFuPanda for all their support :).

PS - I got qualified in IIITH interview but not in BARC interview.Rest of the results are pending.
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@arjun Thank you sir!And yes as far as news goes Messi will be playing in [email protected] :P
@VS Thank you and all the best to you too!
Congratulations Sayan :D

If you get time do share your experience at IIITH ^_^  :P

Also congratulations on clearing the interview of ISI too :D
@MiNiPanda Thank you !!Sorry I mentioned ur name as KungFuPanda it's actually you who has helped me the most :)
all the best bro
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