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posted Mar 19, 2016 in Study Materials by Veteran (348,797 points) | 1,496 views


Means we should give gate 2016 papers n do complete analysis of it?
Well thats for understanding more about GATE and how questions come.
sir i have sheduled to give last 5 years gate paper as test serioes confused about how to start from 2016 ---2010 or from 2010--2016 ??
i think u should strt from 2016  bcoz it is exact 2 current GATE syllabus nd pattern.
yes, 2017 is exactly same syllabus as 2016. 2010-2015 were same syllabus but had SE, Web Technology, numerical methods etc. Also, numerical answer questions started from 2014. So, as far as real practice is concerned 2016 is the best one. Other papers can be used for subject coverage.
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