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posted Mar 19, 2016 in Study Materials 1,695 views


This is for who are repeating for 2017. If you had prepared seriously for 2016, do analyse what went wrong- because you need this for improvement. See the topics, type of questions which you couldn't answer. After that decide what to do to ensure you answer these next time (don't just study their answers). So, I suggest you to start your GATE2017 preparation once you get 100/100 in your GATE paper.
Yess.. I will try with Gate'16's set 1.I remember very less things..only simple basics I can recall.
First Course Page. I'm not starting Programming or DS syllabus. These questions are like pre -requisites.

GATE is all about attitude 

To top GATE means you are really going to change yourself and be a smart person. So, your attitude must also change. You should behave like a beater- not beaten. Never try to be secondary to anyone- because topper means you must be on top. If you find something tough- it means you are looking at it wrong way. No topic is tough in GATE CSE. 

very nice sir :)
Hi @arjun sir,

I request you if possible to redesign site . i am suggesting what i feel it helps better same content present in gatecse and gateoverflow site is aligned in one place.

1. whole gate syllabus given for that year (or) previous year as it is in home page . which helps to navigate to the each main topic given in the syllabus.

2. if we navigate to the main topic --> list of sub topics

3. each subtopic --> concepts related to that ( already in gatecse site and some from discussions we can add , and helpful video links and lecture pdf links .

4. and Test ( currently whatever you are adding to the site ) for that subtopic with some time bound.

after completion of test only can show the answer and explaination to that questions.

5. converting all the previous 25 years questions into mock tests. analysis if possible. and showing already happened discussions for those questions after test improve.

[because most of the time , if question is unknown we look into solution without trying on our own.  i just feel test makes us to try those , if we are not able to solve first step showing the concepts that helps to solve , after solving successfully showing discussion which help to know differrent approaches]

Please arjun sir , once look into this and consider if you feel it is good , we will also contribute to this work , which will for us only at the end. [even we can request suggestions from others also , previous year candidates , and this year candidates]
@ekalavya Yes, I'll do most of these by next month..
All further announcements will be done on the FB comment box on home page. Please follow there.
very well said sir :)
Means we should give gate 2016 papers n do complete analysis of it?
Well thats for understanding more about GATE and how questions come.
sir i have sheduled to give last 5 years gate paper as test serioes confused about how to start from 2016 ---2010 or from 2010--2016 ??
i think u should strt from 2016  bcoz it is exact 2 current GATE syllabus nd pattern.
yes, 2017 is exactly same syllabus as 2016. 2010-2015 were same syllabus but had SE, Web Technology, numerical methods etc. Also, numerical answer questions started from 2014. So, as far as real practice is concerned 2016 is the best one. Other papers can be used for subject coverage.