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Hello Everyone ... when i am trying to  solve a question ... trying to break that question deeply ... i am feeling like my brain is going heavy ... is gonna blast ... anyone is facing this kind of physical issue ?? if yes , plz advice me ... i am not able to focus on any question due to this issue ...
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Hey bro,

Firstly if you can't solve a problem.....don't waste your time on that.....just move on to other question......and then return to that question when you feel relaxed......

Dont go for hard problems on the first place......first try to solve some easy build the confidence.....then go for medium level problems to get hand in solving complex problems.......then try for the hard and complex problems.....

If you can't find any solution......check the related concept of that question will get help......


Now most important.......

If you feel your brain in overloaded and you are in anxiety mode.......then leave study for sometime and go for a walk or talk to someone, share your, do some other activity and if you feel nice then go for study and solve problems......
Thanx man ... i really appreciate it ...
If you are not able to understand the concept of the question then read the topic in some standard book and come back to the same question.

Firstly I am not topper. or ranker.
but still i want to answer.

it happen with all. The master has failed more times than student has ever tried. It is in process.

i can share one incident at early stage i was looking for understanding some graph question. I watched every possible video on graph but still not able to understand. I kept this as it is.

after some month i realized it is from graph theory. funny isn't it ? which is totally new subject.

so some question are mixed from 1-2 subject you might don't know 2nd subject (probability
 or Permutation & Combination or etc). once you complete them it will be very easy.

and one more imp point SOME QUESTION ARE INTENSIONALLY HARD so no one can solve in 3 hours that's why no one score 100%.

All the best :D

Thanx Mk utkarsh and nikhil bro ... i really appreciate it ....
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