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My IOCL interview was scheduled on 18th June. I was not so happy with this date as it was a clash with my BARC interview. I decided to leave BARC and completely focus on IOCL. I knew that my technical is already strong so I need not worry about that. The only thing that worried me was GD/GT(one must score at least minimum in this to get selected). From past experiences shared on Quora I came to know that they are focused on current affairs, national schemes and problems. I don’t read news regularly, so all this was a big problem for me. But I still had around 10 days left with me which I thought were sufficient. First I read the list of various schemes introduced by current central govt. After this I read about various major events that took place in the previous few months. I also read about Jammu and Kashmir since I was staying there and they may ask about it. In the end I read about IOCL and a little about oil business.

I reached the interview centre IIPM Gurgaon. In the beginning we were shown presentation about IOCL, package composition etc. After this documents verification was started. This process is very time consuming in IOCL. I have attended interviews at many palces(ONGC,DRDO and ISRO) but nowhere they took as much time as in IOCL. After this I was called for interview.


I went inside the room and greeted everyone “Good morning”. But it was already past noon. The two mams sitting there started smiling and replied “ Good afternoon beta”. I then realised the blunder that I had made but instead of apologising I just smiled. They asked me to take a seat and then asked the following questions:

  • Tell us about yourself?

An expected one. I answered. Then they asked me about my college and from where I have done my training. My training was in computer networks so the next questions were asked from there

  • What is a hub, switch and Router?

I explained

  • What is OSPF?

I told its full form and its use.

  • Then they ask about its working?

I had forgotten and I mentioned the same.

  • Difference between Machine learning and NLP?


  • What is MPLS?

I said I don’t know.

  • If you are to choose between programming and networks which one would you choose?

I said programming. I had mentioned my interests as Shell programming, Machine learning.

  • What is Shell programming and what is its use?

Explained with an example. They also asked me to write the code for the example that I gave. I wrote the code on the whiteboard.

  • Will this code run on windows as well?

Explained that it’s meant for only bash shell. By default windows does not have bash shell but there are applications which can make it run.

  • What is natural join

Explained by taking an example

They asked some more questions(2–3) which I don’t remember now. The interview went for around 10 minutes.

Group Discussion

We were given Gender discrimination as the topic to discuss. This topic does not need any preparation. My first point was on Triple Talaq. And then I listened patiently for other people points. I had noted the topic on paper and read the topic again. The topic read Gender discrimination not only female gender discrimination. After this all my points were towards male gender discrimination The others mentioned female gender discrimination. My performance in GD was above my expectations.

Tips for GD:

  • At the minimum try to mention at least 5 points. These points must be at sufficient interval. It should not be like that you say 5 points in the beginning and stay mum for the rest of the process. GD is about active participation
  • Listen to other people views as well
  • If u can start or finish it is definitely a good thing but don’t be to focused on that
  • Don’t repeat other people points. Also don’t just plainly say I agree. Always try to add something.
  • For every topic there are some points which are known to all. Be fast in saying these points

Group Task

Task given: How to boost the tourism industry?

During the GD I neither started the process nor I made the final statement. So I decided to start this time. And along the way I mention some really good points to which everyone agreed. I also said the final solution in this part. GT went even more better than GD.

Result: selected.

Best of luck everyone.

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Sir, What is ur gate rank and marks out of 100?
Can you please tell me upto what rank there is strong possiblity of being selected in  PSU for general catagory .If he is currently in btech final year .Do they conduct seperate exam for it.
Can you please tell what is your rank ?