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posted Oct 15, 2018 in Useful Links by Boss (17,053 points)
edited Feb 20 by | 9,857 views


what is GATEBOOK Tests?
It's a test series conducted by Kiran sir i.e Gatebook, for more information see this website
did you mean, those tests also available in GO?
yes! those will be available on GO,no need to pay
How many tests will be uploaded before gate 19?
Arjun Sir what is the fees for paid exam?
I don't know -- GB would tell. But genuine contributors of GO and active users of GO classroom will be given free access.
Where should I contact Gatebook?
Link will be given once tests come up.
GATEBOOK-2019 DS1 doesn't have solutions, questions in this test are really tricky and it would be nice if solutions are also given, I don't know about other tests of gatebook if they have solutions or not. @Arjun Sir the quality of questions are also not good and some of the questions might be wrong also from what I feel after taking the test. Are the questions reviewed by GO veterans?
They are not reviewed by GO. But they will be reviewed.
Yeah it would be good even if some form of textual solution is given. It becomes more time-taking to analyse the test without solutions. Though looking for solutions makes you to form your own one, but then if one solution is already present, searching time for solution of each question can be cut down on.
You can give the solution -- most of the solutions for Tests by Mentors were given by aspirants and those who gave became GATE toppers. If you get stuck you'll get help.
If you are saying so then we will make sure to try it Sir.
Will this post be kept updated as new tests become available?



@ ma'am

In this blog post, all test are included, which is present in GO$?$


yes, all test are included


You did really awesome work

Thank you so much, ma'am


Hello ma'am, I see GB MOCK test question on recent activity test, but in the exam tab or this blog mock test is not available why$?$

It's not added as exam yet. Will come tonight
Thank you so much sir
arjun sir, TOC test(grand) will be uploaded or not? I have only studied TOC properly so asking.
It should be. But I dont have that test from GB yet. Mock1 is now up and Mock2 should be by tomorrow. Probably they'll give TOC by then.
How many mock tests are there in total?
2 I guess.
Sir.. Some of the GB exams aren't accessible. Is there any condition to give the exams ?
Yes, about 50% of their tests need subscription which you can see on the page rt?
Yes! That means other users had purchased the premium tests, right sir ?
Those who have given yes. But those with 10000+ points in GO got free access.

@Arjun sir please release the DECIDABILITY slides part-2 .  


sir, already released, download one more time the PDF in that link !

What is applied mock??
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