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All the Non-previous year tests are going upgradation and should be ready by October beginning. So, kindly avoid taking them now as any mistake will be fixed only by October. 

$%<!-- <tr> GATE Book Tests GATEBOOK-2019 Mock Test 1 GATEBOOK-2019 Mock Test 2   GATEBOOK-2019-DM 1: Mathematical Logic GATEBOOK-2019 DM2: Combinatorics GATEBOOK-2019 DM3: Set Theory & Algebra GATEBOOK-2019 DM4: Groups and Lattice GATEBOOK-2019 DM5: Graph Theory GATEBOOK-2019 Grand Test Discrete Mathematics   GATEBOOK-2019 Probability 1 GATEBOOK-2019 Linear Algebra 1 GATEBOOK-2019 Calculus 1 GATEBOOK-2019 Grand Test 4: Mathematics   GATEBOOK-2019-OS1 GATEBOOK-2019-OS2 GATEBOOK-2019 OS3: Memory Management GATEBOOK-2019 OS4: File Systems   GATEBOOK-2019-COA1 GATEBOOK-2019-COA2 GATEBOOK-2019 COA3: Control Unit GATEBOOK-2019 COA4: Pipelining GATEBOOK-2019 COA5: Memory and IO GATEBOOK-2019 Grand Test 6: CO & Architecture   GATEBOOK-2019-DL1 GATEBOOK-2019 DL2: Combinational Circuits GATEBOOK-2019 DL3: Sequential Circuits GATEBOOK-2019 Grand Test 5: Digital Logic   GATEBOOK-2019-DS1 GATEBOOK-2019-DS2 GATEBOOK-2019: Algorithms 1 GATEBOOK-2019 Algorithms2: Algorithm Design, Hashing GATEBOOK-2019 Grand Test 1: DS&A   GATEBOOK-2019-TOC1 Regular Languages GATEBOOK-2019 TOC2: Context Free Languages GATEBOOK-2019 TOC3: Turing Machines GATEBOOK-2019 TOC4: Language Properties   GATEBOOK-2019 Compilers1: Lexical Analysis GATEBOOK-2019 Compilers2: Parsing   GATEBOOK-2019 CN1: Flow and Error Control GATEBOOK-2019 CN2: Network Layer GATEBOOK-2019 CN3: Transport Layer GATEBOOK-2019 CN4: Application Layer and Network Security GATEBOOK-2019 Grand Test 3: Computer Networks   GATEBOOK-2019 DBMS1: ER Diagrams, SQL, Relational Algebra GATEBOOK-2019 DBMS2: Normalization GATEBOOK-2019 DBMS3: Indexing GATEBOOK-2019 DBMS4: Transactions and Concurrency GATEBOOK-2019 Grand Test 2: DBMS -->$

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How many tests will be uploaded before gate 19?
Will this post be kept updated as new tests become available?



@ ma'am

In this blog post, all test are included, which is present in GO$?$


yes, all test are included


You did really awesome work

Thank you so much, ma'am

What is applied mock??
nice questions
Gatebook test series removed
yes, they wanted it removed.
How many more tests will be uploaded before Gate 2020???


Can this be updated?