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Plzz everyone dont add screenshots as questions .. It is difficult to read most of the times .. we have to zoom in zoom out many times due to screenshot ...And if someone is reading in mobile how he/she  supposed to read that ..  If there is diagram in Question then fine i am getting it But not for every question ....plzz ( JUST DO CTRL +C AND CTRL+ V IT WILL ALSO SAVE YOUR TIME ).

Its humble request 

posted Nov 19, 2018 in Others by Loyal | 1,023 views


Copy-pasting would not help in writing the mathematical notations properly ( log, calculus etc). Moreover not everyone is comfortable writing in Latex.  That is why people find it easy to upload screenshots.

Sayan Bose yepp for some exceptions i am fine what not for every question.... like see this now ace book  question asked 1 hour ago . hows one gonna read that . Even computer zoom option has its own limit : ) 

Hmm as an active user on this platform, I can understand what you meant .
how to design dld big circuit
Most of the people ( who are daily posting the questions ), doesn't caring about this even after posting this information as BLOG.

i don't know what is the problem or risk in typing the question instead of screenshot !

if really screenshot required then there is no problem, but unnecessarily why to ADD screenshots ?

even Most of the people doesn't checking for duplicates before POSTING... it's TOOOO BAD

It is just that some people are just too selfish. They cannot even spend a few seconds for anyone but still want ALL help from others. Such people can also be found in any QUEUE where they will try to come in front saying they are busy -- others too are busy but some people just think of themselves.
sir, there are some more people, they even didn't respond on their own questions after someone commenting or answering, but they still add new questions...
Yes, it is better we concentrate on good people and avoid wasting time on lazy and selfish people

There is one more problem. Ppl who have recently joined GO or solving questions on GO, even if there is best selected answer and other alternatives available in comments, they add the new answer which no different from selected one which unnecessary increases the thread. 

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