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Now GATE 2019 CSE Timetable is available

$03^{rd}$ $February$  $2019$

09:30 - 12.30 Hrs.
(Forenoon Session)

to see this

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I was expecting afternoon session :(
Thanks :)
3/2/19 The D-Day
is there is any chance of postponed  ??
never in the entire history
I am scoring good in Gateforum and virtual gate tests but unable to score in made easy. I feel like crying. So many months of hardwork. My brain just stops working on seeing questions of made-easy. Even after putting all my efforts I get rank around 400-500 in made-easy.
i have given only one test .and and i watched a message "bad performance "

after that i did not attempt test due to fear

i attempted only one test and rest of test is waiting for me ,

at every night i thought  that i will attempt a test tomorrow  .....  but not able to attempt  

what should i do ??

i am thinking only one option for me that is "exam postponed "
why not able to attempt? Time factor?

Don't judge yourself on the basis of these test...all that matters is what you would do in those 3 hrs. We still have 38 days left. Giving test series is not important .... checking the level of your preparation is important. There are people who get good marks in test series but on D-day, they don't and vice versa. DONT GIVE UP! 


ma'am can you tell something about test and which to attempt in this last days..


I also attempted madeeasy..but what I feel that Madeeasy advance level tests are too tough even scoring 50 is very hard i felt..has anyone attempted TESTBOOK tests ??

@Gurdeep Saini Same here brother :)

I was unplaced on-campus and even in off-campus and watched all my friends getting placed. Even batchmates who knew nothing of CSE got placed. The university taught me nothing. We just passed the examination mugging things up. In June I decided to give it a fight.
While attempting Gatebook tests , Gateoverflow tests and gate previous year questions , I apply whatever concepts I have learned.   These tests are of pure quality.     I believe the more you solve questions, the more confidence you gain on that subject. Also revision is very important.   I got 1735 rank in 2017, didn't get any college.  Now working in a decent product based MNC, still motivated to crack 2019 GATE with below 500 rank. That's my target .
No need to worry much if you are scoring less in ME tests. Most of the question asked there are ambiguous, without proper solution, and yes few questions with incorrect answers also. This is not the case for GO tests so better not to think much about ME test scores. :)

@sripo Please enable private messages on your account.

@sripo external tests are really nice.

yes im giving testbook...scoring not more then 55 in any test...feeling extremely low

 dont judge yourself based on marks in test series. Just focus on concepts where u r lagging, do all mistakes before GATE. Last year sometimes i used to get 35 marks (2 times). Just learn from your mistakes.

All the best. 

*bug fix to be done* -- those who haven't attempted an exam, they should not be able to view its questions. The full length test has been uploaded but people are able to see questions. Just an observation :)

It is not a bug, it is meant to be like that.

@ sir

In Full-length test, no restriction?

No for this test. It depends on who is adding the test - a few more are coming with and without the restriction. Anyway one can easily identify the test questions and it is upto them if they want to read it or take the test first.


That is typical story of every engineering graduate from india.

We have the chance to learn now and DO IT.

If you are not scoring WELL, there are gaps in our UNDERSTANDING.


Dont get demotivated.

@ sir

Thank you so much

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