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Few hours earlier I posted manual way to create PiP mode for question. I found it pretty annoying to open console each time to go for PIP mode, so I came up with a chrome extension, which automatically loads question in PIP mode. No need to open console for each question and paste the code.

Chrome stores charges fee for uploading extension, so I uploaded it to Github.

Steps to install Chrome extension:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on clone/download zip.
  3. Unzip the folder.
  4. Head over to ‘chrome://extensions’ or open extensions page from menu bar and enable developer mode.
  5. Drag and drop unzip folder.
  6. Enjoy :)

If you find any bug, feel free to pull request over github repo.

Hope this helps! :)


posted Jan 1, 2019 in Others by Active | 808 views


It's very useful , time saver !.Thanks :).
but the question is not appearing at the original would be better if it appears sideways as well as the original place!
Thank you Brother !

@himgta yeah! I also thought it could be better if it stays at original place....I tried it once, but had some issues. I'll try once again tonight and will let you know if it works properly! 


Thanks brother!

thanks man ! for saving a lot of time :)
Chrome pops up "Disable developer mode extensions" every time I open it. Any fix for this?
@arjun Sir, can we have this implemented on the site so that we can read the question as well as the discussions in a single screen/window view without having to scroll up/down repeatedly ?

Great job. At least some one knows writing code :)

@Sayan It is not that difficult to add it on GO but as of now I'm too busy for it. If someone can make it a Q2A plugin - - it'll straight away work here. 

What is this great thing all about?

I had also created a bookmarklet for the same purpose some time ago. For those who want to access it, here

Just save the text (on pastebin) as a bookmark, and on the questions' page visit the bookmark. (don't worry, you won't be redirected anywhere. It just executes the JS code)

It duplicates the element, therefore, the original question stays in place. You can also resize the question window.

@Akash Mishra this is how you duplicated! I tried .clone() in many ways but had some issues. Cheers brother:) Your Code at pastebin link is with bit UTF encoding. But I got the idea, and I integrated it into existing chrome extension. @himgta Brother now this is something you wished! It's working.

And Thank you everyone for appreciation! I'm glad you all found it helpful! Just repeat the same process to enjoy new feature.

@Arjun Thank you Sir. I went through those tutorials. It's bit time taking so I'll give it a try after 3rd Feb. :)

Here's how it looks now:


@PiratedVirus, looks cool!

Resize property will be quite glitchy if you place the div in the right position.

I think to add it on server side, just needs an option to close the div and the div should be visible only on scroll down.
@Akash Mishra...Yeah! But we don't have enough space on left side, so I preferred to keep it to right!

@ Thanks!

But the question is still not appearing at the original place...what I have to do? Should I remove it then again add it?

@himgta yes you need to repeated all the steps mentioned above!
drag option works fine :) thanks man :)
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