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25 KM from my residence 😭 😭
Happened with many people. I suppose real stupidity or corruption on the part of TCS in allocating the centers. For example, 7 people in Trivandrum got center 40 km away in Attingal (their second preference) despite more than 40 (quite decent at least for infrastructure) engineering colleges in Trivandrum. Also, they seem to have avoided government colleges as centers -- probably whoever gave TCS better offer got the CENTRE approved.
22 km here, and no public transport facilities in that area. fortunately OLA is here
I guess TCS is helping tourism in India. Making people in cities visit outskirts.
I live near the IT sector of kolkata. We have a huge TCS exam center within 1km from where I stay. Then also I am allotted a center so far.
Probably they are ensuring equality in making everyone suffer equally :)

This is how TCS control our future!

Atleast your distance is half that of mine. Its 44 kms for me and I am from Bangalore.
I dont think these are that much serious problems.. yepp these are problems but not that much serious as giving test in himachal pradesh . temperature is around 9 degree celsius  these days (at night even low) and  yet  real winter is not here  ( real winter is in period from 13 jan - 13feb)...Our Dear SUN is never going to show his face until 11 a.m or 12 noon in these days .so we are pretty much jammed all day (only 20-30% days sun is there in the sky  :)  ).. ...too much fog here at that time so travelling 20 kms will take atleast 2 and half hour due to hilly area from my home side .and only we know how much times we have to rub our hands so that our hands will not jam during paper..........
35 km from my residence here at hyderabad.   Earlier I had given TIFR  exam which also was in iON centre around same distance.  So now i have to again do same here.  Distance doesn't matter as long as there are better transport facilities.  Will give mock tests now  early morning .
Mine is 28 Km I tried to find OLA for the location its showing out of station 28km away.😚

I think I need to do 2 OLAs to reach centre.
Mine is 66.5KM, Totally Remote area with no OLA /UBER.. Never expected that far.. I am Totally blank after looking exam center.
better go there a day before and stay there overnight in some hotel etc.
guys before commencing of exam our priority must be that we must be energetic and in rythm. so if anyone's center is far away  so i think he/she must find a way to settle down near to that respective  place one day before exam. i feel that you will find many colleagues to accompany cant take risk travelling on the day of exam.
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