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We have just finished the GO books on Amazon and Flipkart but have a few books left with IndiaPost and must ship by Monday. So, these will be given for free to the first 3 people who report at least 3 wrong keys in the exams given below. You can post the debated question link as a comment here. If valid, will be acknowledged.

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@Shaik 3 are fixed. 2 I'll verify. Please enter your details here :

@Neeraj Fixed 👍

Options themselves are wrong herein:
Wrong key here:
// from the exam
ER diagram I'll fix next week. Rest all are fixed rt?
yes sir ! 

This question is NAT type but Answer written down the page is A. 

Thanks. Updated


Answer not updated 

Done 👍 Thanks for all the updates. I'm closing this post now. Will open a new one for further reporting.

@Arjun sir, i don't know what happens exactly,

the books reached upto my district, i tracked the details upto there, after that i thought it will reach with in 2-3 days due to pongal holidays, but till now not reached to me, then once again i tracked, then i observed that " the item is returned " due to addressee not found( the item search for the addressee in the district itself but not in my village, and even they didn't call ). i hope there is something went wrong in the address and contact number.

Thats unfortunate. The address looks correct - its what you entered on the form with PIN: 518502. Some postman just do not do phonecalls :(

Now I dont think you can get the book before GATE but I guess you dont need it.
actually i want to see the books to felt how much time you sacrifice and how much hard you worked and how much you love them !

Even after GATE, if you send to me i will take those books, those are gift from my one of favorite teacher then how can i miss them :) 😍
Sure. I'll sent it - got one return from Amazon with me :)
sir, my location will change after writing the GATE due to get back into Duties !

So, when you want to send, just make a comment, i will update the correspondence address.
Oh okay. Then may be I can hand it to you when you come to IISc :)
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