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When I decided to write about my preparation I collected it all together and all recollected is that whole strategy I had I got from posts various toppers. So now Instead of writing each and every thing again, I’m going to write post link & I’m going to tell what I got from each blog post:) You can built your strategy from there:)

  1. => I got list of books from to use from him. This is essential read for any future toppers. Read this blog to see how someone can get AIR 1 in just few months of preparation in first attempt. Thank you Ravi for your blog.
  2. => This is really nice blog. Do have a good read. Thanks Tamjit for writing this blog. Best thing you can get from this is -> “ REMEMBER THERE IS NO SHORT CUT TO HARD WORK
  3. => This is blog by Pragy Agrawal. Best thing to take from this is “Flashcards”. This flashcards help me revising. Thanks Pragy for this blog.
  4. => This is blog by Pradeep Pandey. Please check ‘’ this post . That is must. Every post by Pradeep is like Gold mine for serious preparing students. Thanks Pradeep for thsi blog
  5. Check answer by Arvind Devraj here -> He talks about which reference books to use and how to study. This is really great post, and you should definitely go through it if you are serious. Thanks Arvind for writing this blog.
  6. and are two good resources for any serious GATE aspirant. You must go through this websites. Thank you Arjun Suresh , Kathleen bankson for creating this huge corpus of questions, for Gateoverflow book and compiling toppers blog, linking good video lectures etc.

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Hello Sir,

Thanks for such inspiring blog.

I can understand the importance of self study. But could you please tell how anyone can cover up the of 400 pages in 10-15 days as well as take notes? Could you please mention few points or mistakes people usually do in studying a textbook?