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I think many of you guys have postponed the preparation for LA and Calculus till the end (as with the case of myself), I have found a channel in youtube, that I think its best for preparing those subjects given the time constraint.

The main aim of the videos are to build some intuition behind the core concepts rather than mugging up formulas, I suppose , if you have good intuition on the concepts most of the problems can be solved in gate.


Thank you.

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thanks, i will check check them after few days !
This is nice and cool! Thanks!
One of the finest channel, will simply make you fall in love with Mathematics!

Is this going to be enough to solve gate questions?
Note: I do not have a solid Mathematics background! 

@Sasta_yoda it is more of an after-GATE thing!



These videos creates a solid foundation on basic concepts of LA and Calculus . After watching all the videos, try previous year questions. That will be enough for gate ,I believe.

I was never good in calculus because if which I thought of leaving it. I haven't solved a single question of calculus till now. So do you suggest me to watch these videos or should I leave it?

@Mk Utkarsh

Watch the first video in the series of calculus, after that you might get an Idea , whether to continue or not. 

any good resources for counting and generating function
Does any body knows same kind of channel for probability too. especially continuous probability.

For Interviews,Linear Algebra topic will really help.It's a must watch series.Infact it's better than watching AVENGERS:INFINITY WAR

Trust me !

IISc professor has also recommended these videos see the notes

3blue1brown(Grant Sanderson) created all these animations using a software he wrote himself. It is a python library and available online if anyone is interested.
Thanks for this totally obscure, irrelevant fact. You've wasted 2 minutes of everybody's time. :)