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Hello All… I hope everyone is doing great with the GATE ‘19 preparations :)

Some of you might already know me. Well I got some calls and messages in my inbox for some motivation, I thought I should post something for you all. 

Well It’s more or less 20 days remaining for GATE 2019. Hot time in this cool season huh!!! Some of you are getting great scores in all the mocks, some of you are struggling with it and maybe some of you still not started giving mocks yet. Don’t worry still you have 20*24 = 480 hrs in your hand, out of which each day 7-7.30 hrs of sleep is must so, 480 – 20*7 = 480 – 140 = 340 hrs :) (If you are prepared with almost all the concepts then this much time is enough ;))

Irrespective of all in these 20 days, just think positive about everything, I know it’s hard but still you can manage to do it ;) Many of you are still in the range of 50-60 marks don’t worry just try to revise your mistakes, try to remember the things conceptually that will help you in the exam hall, and try to increase at least one mark everyday! Don’t think about college and all the post GATE things, you’ll get plenty of time for that after 3rd Feb. 

Don’t see others’ marks just try to increase your marks as well as positivity everyday. You will get what you deserve surely. Many of you will say GATE is not everything but just give it a try as it is everything for you in the upcoming days. And I can assure you, you will get best of best after cracking the GATE exam. After all IITian tag ki abhi bhi bohot Izzat hai!  

I won’t say you should do these things and should not do these things, after all it’s all about personal planning, but I would say whatever you’ve planned just try to follow it completely. Do not demotivate after getting less score than expected in some of the mocks, rather try to analyze your mistakes. And try to complete the mocks in 2.15/2.30 hrs so that you will get plenty of time to correct your silly mistakes (Yes I know, those mistakes are hazards :p)! And I know many of you will get scare by seeing toppers’ marks in many of the test series, I still remembered, at my time someone got 95-98 marks in the mock and I got just 60-65 :p But remember GATE 2018 topper also got 83 marks :) So Don’t get scared because of that marks just try to put all your efforts in and get as much as you can! 

Finally try to revise the things everyday with proper schedule, try to read the best posts of Arjun sir and all the awesome GO members, try to utilize your time, and don’t give more than 2 full length tests in a day (I would suggest only one is enough for a day in the same time slot as per your hall ticket), it won’t help you rather it will exhaust you :(

Most important, Try not to fight with the parents because of pressure and frustration, try not to break up with Girlfriend/Boyfriend, just try to revise the concepts in the mind all the times. Try to talk everyday with your loved ones.

I hope you will give your best in the GATE 2019. All the top ranks are waiting for you ;) 2019 will be awesome year for you all ;)

ALL THE BEST :)  Many wishes from Guwahati!!!

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Your post gives everything,which is never explain in words.

Thank you so much, brother:)
Much needed dose, brother!
thanks for your inspirational words :)
I'm unable to give reactions don't know why :/  Thank you Ashwin :)
this time.. we need lot of motivation..thanks for the post. :)
Thanks a lot
Great Ashwin. Probably you can give a post after results too :)

Sorry, there was a bug and hence reactions were not working on this post. Should be fine now.
Thanks ashwin
Thanks, Kulkarni!  :)
Lots of thanks 😊
Yes @Arjun Sir, I will write some post GATE blogs as well!
Thank you Sir!