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GATE Overflow — be the community, Facebook group or this website, its amazing to see how collaborative learning can be such overwhelming.

I have following ideas for this platform, just my personal opinion. From being software development domain its our task to see existing solution in such way that it can be improved and implement new feature / module found to be helpful in one way or other!

1. Talk to speech module for questioning, answering and comments. If its not latex-friendly answer we would have TTS plugin which would type as you say – saving precious type for writing.

2. Firefox/Chrome plugin, when you visit any website, go through any publication and you wish to share with masses or wish to keep a private list or may be ask/have query regarding the content, with one click you can push that everything to this platform.

3. Mobile app / Lite mobile site with in-app pushes. (If there exists such app, sorry I am un ware of it)

4. ML engine which would give you latest questions / generate question papers on fly (see the wilderness of my thoughts!)

5. Implementation of Night Mode and brain musics / waves to ease my learning.

6. Flash cards! For challenge I wish to generate them on fly — I will give standard text and expect flash cards, lots of flash cards!

7. Tracking of GO Books. PDF on-click to handle this!

More intuitive or simpler UI for platform and adding sans-serif font option in editor with a nice favicon for site with list of must-have open source tools.

This is just wilder list, do add or comments what features would make this platform more amazing.

let’s learn — let’s learn together!

(PS: If this blog is inappropriate let me know I will remove)
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The things you have put are good. But have you ever thought of how much server power and time it would take to implement all these? Just the TTS will take a lot of effort(I am working on STT so I know).
Hey, thanks for comment.

What about Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API :) — one of main use of cloud computing — using someone's power to do our tasks!
@Utkarsh Kumar Raut, probably you haven't seen the announcement made on GO FB page about the closing of both site and page from any further questions from students. Now that you know, there won't be much need to implement so many things here. But since for every Gate aspirant such type of discussion forums are boon so after this closing, lets hope that you'll come up with another soon where all your "wilderness" will be incorporated.. :D

Thanks @MiNiPanda for taking time to go though,

So, from the sets of 'Things of I wish to implement at GO' point 1,3 and somewhat 2 omitted!

Still room for remaining points?

Its good that you spend considerable amount of time in thoughts for improvisation of this platform.

NOT sure abt other points.

For Night mode i guess there are many Google Chrome Plug-ins Out there you can opt any of them so that instead of getting Night mode for one particular site It will be everywhere.

This is a Plug-in I am using in my Laptop.

P.S. -> I know its not something rare but still it's a good idea to share your views in community (maybe someone can suggest something better than this and my knowledge will improve  🙃 


Thank you @SomeEarth, its really nice you shared plugin.

And as you mentioned in last part, you seem keen in learning new things — and I appericiate it too much :) 

You know, you too also do this without any plugin, may be helpful to you in any of your projects — We just beed small JavaScript and XOR knowledge! For current stylesheet clone it and replace any color value (its mostly would be given in HEX in format of #123456) to its XOR value and for all images we will do 
filter: invert(100%); and voila Night mode. We will use JavaScript to toggle the stylesheets! 

Cheers to you too! 

why there is need to implement such things ?

I feel that the site is simple and has all the features that we need .

We want answers ....we search for questions or type it and we get the answers.

We have doubt on answers we can comment.

We can tag users to know their opinion for answers. We can message them.

That is the objective of this site and according to me its works perfectly fine.

The more upgrades you will do the more complicated it would become to use the site.

For people who want night mode and other type of of cool features u can use plugins.
Thanks @Satbir to going through I appreciate your valuable feedback.


probably you haven't seen the announcement made on GO FB page about the closing of both site and page from any further questions from students.

I could not find on facebook, but does this mean that the website will be there and we can check out past years questions still but users cannot add questions any further? Or will they like shut down everything?

There wont be any shutdown - you can say site will be closed to any GATE material questions. Will be allowing only GATE and other exam questions plus standard book ones. And these will be added from our side only. So new users wont be having to ask any questions. If the toppers in GATE2019 says so, we will make a separate subdomain for such questions.

@Utkarsh Nice suggestions. Good to get reminded that audience here are Computer Science. But the thing is we are not short on ideas - it is all about implementation and how good implementation is. I'm just copying some sentences from a talk I attended recently

  1. Is Google the first search engine? - No, Yahoo was there and quite popular
  2. Is Facebook the first social media platform? No, Orkut was there and quite popular
  3. What is innovative in Flipkart which Amazon did not have?

So, for success "idea" is only like 5%. Now, the question is who will do the implementation? :)

If you want to try, you can do - GO is using Question2Answer platform which you can download for free and there are tutorials and example plugins. All you need to know is Basic PHP because it does not use any other framework.

 for success "idea" is only like 5%. Now, the question is who will do the implementation? :)

Agreed sir :)

Thank you @Arjun sir you went through the list — I will definitely try to mod that framework to implement few of things and share with you, but again that would be indefinite in time. When and how I don't know but I definitely going to give it a chance. 

Once again thank you very much, you gave valuable feedback. 

@Arjun This board has very promising future. It could turn out to be StackExchange sites for Indian exams only if you want to... IMHO there is nothing wrong in being a bit capitalist. You seem to be a hard core socialist... Better if you could open a dedicated startup. I don't know what will I get with GATE-19, but if I will get good rank, would like to contribute surely after exam. :) 

I would be happy if they change the 'Question of a day'. From the front page. I always see it and think it is something like most upvoted question asked today, but it turns out to be some random irrelevant quote.  Maybe change it to 'quote of the day'.
How about deactivation of GO account for those who are super addicted on GO?😉