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Today solving, some of Network Security questions, I came across few complex/ exponential calculations, which forced me to use calculator. Till now, I was using in-bulit OS calculator. But, since GATE is just on 20 days, I thought it’s best time to get used to with GATE virtual calculator. I found exact calc on official Mock test at GATE 2019 website. But, each time switching to new tab, accessing that mock and all those steps….that was quite annoying. So, I thought it would be useful if I could port same calc on each GO question page. It took me around ~2Hrs of coding and I finally made Chrome extension for it. Here’s how it looks:

There’s a ’Show Calc’ button at very top left, just before GO logo.

And after clicking on ’Show Calc’ button:


Due to time constraint, I build very basic extension, just focusing on functionality rather styling and testing for all screen size. To avoid overlapping, I made calculator draggable.

I’ve uploaded code to same ‘Chrome extension for PiP mode for questions’ github repo. 

Steps to install Chrome extension:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on clone/download zip.
  3. Unzip the folder.
  4. Head over to ‘chrome://extensions’ or open extensions page from menu bar and enable developer mode.
  5. Drag and drop unzip folder.
  6. Enjoy :)

If you find any bug, feel free to pull request over github repo.

Hope this helps! :)

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Nice work 👍

It really feels nice to see someone doing good work when most others are focused on copy paste things. I'll get these on GO server side, but probably after GATE only.

@Arjun Sir, Your contribution motivates us to do such things...!

Link to calculator. Bookmark this

Nice work! Kudos.

Congrats @PiratedVirus (aka Saurabh) and Kudos to u. Your Contribution is insipiration for people like me to do something for this community(in any possible form) .

Thanks @SomeEarth (aka Smarth) for such words! But my contribution is none compared to Veterans, Boss of GO. They are doing nobel work by sharing their knowledge!

Very happy to see this type of contribution, recent days most of the people even doesn't willing to type question, But you guys thinking about such useful implementations !

It looks nice work..appreciated...but I prefer

Wow! Great work brother ;)

Another calculator can be found here

Good job Saurabh!

Added support for

Hope it helps! 

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