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We have a blog for which PSU’s going to recruit through GATE-19, and their links

I didn’t find such a blog, please can anyone make a clear blog ?

( if any post already exist, i will close this )


I found on HOME page of GO, other than that
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I am also looking for something similar, all info in a single table.

I did ask a similar question

Also is there a dedicated blog for this?

I am aware of the dates.gatecse page,but wouldn't it be good if all the exams are properly classified like PSU exams,other than Gate exams but only of premier institutions or even foreign institutions there is very little awareness of colleges which also accept Gate scores like NUS,NTU and Germany Univs,other than this trivia I have no clue about the requirements from these colleges.


they are giving in general, i am asking about particularly GATE-19

Madeeasy doesn't properly arrange in the order for CS !


Thanks for the link !

just have one doubt, are they updating in regular intervals ?
I guess Yeah! every time there is a new job vacancy they let us know instantly.
@Nitesh @Shaik Apart from RRB-JE and BARC currently which other are important PSU that u have applied..??
which PSU does not charge any application fee?

other than those, remaining applications are not started !

@gupta, Indian Oil Corporation only doesn't charge any fee, remaining all will collect fee !


i dont think ,vacancies are there for CS in RRB JE.

few days ago it was showing only 1 vacancy for CS

BARC is free for girls..
Has IOCL application form started ?
posco ???
I don't get it that why BARC has restricted its domain to CS there any difference b/w IT and CS which hasn't crossed the Gate authorities' mind but has been observed by BARC? 🙏
I was asking about IOCL. It has given late date of February 10 ,2019.
Any idea of zones for RRB JE for ITstudents or we can choose anyone ?
iocl ferbuary 10 na.... we can apply after gate
It's always been like this,I did ask the same question.
in the home page of GO, the deadline for WBSEDCL showing as 26-01-2019.

But i didn't find any link to apply on it's website.

is it not started yet ?
anyone from west bengal plss solve above query as ending date is 26 jan. .......

18th jan was the last date!

 thanku for confirmation :)

wbsedcl form full-up  last  date over   ??
It has not started yet!!
pls share the link of RRBJE
@akash.dinkar12 wbsedcl has not started its application?
In GO it is showing 26 Jan and in their advertisement it is showing 5th Jan.

So, u mean to say that its application link is going to be activate soon. Ryt?
I did not find any link of that advertisement yet on their official website...


the link that u shared for it for CS bcause when I am clicking on vacancy table it is showing no jobs for CS

and one more thing , how can we see that among these 18 cities, which city has highest vacancy

and what is the last date for applying??

in BARC Boucher there is nothing mentioned about IT branch .. IT branch candidate are eligible or not?
I think IT/CS all are eligible.
i am unable to find vacancy for cs/it

pls help

for which post we have to apply??

@air1ankit @Lakshman

IT people are not eligible they have clearly mentioned that.. \

They might have found a great difference which is not visible to ordinary eyes 😂😂


that link not for GATE candidatures.



People are talking about why BARC not allow other branch. let me explain what was my doubt .I think In notification they have mentioned only computer science and engineering, computer engineering. After that i sent mail BARC helpdesk. Because i have completed my degree in "computer technology" stream. they sent mail ask my all  1-8 semester mark sheets.After that they replied me You can apply in computer engineering branch, I attached my mail below those who still curious about they can contact (see in my mail ) .

I think IT & CSE subject not syllabus thats why they may not allow.

[email protected]

Dear Mr Shelke,
you may apply for OCES-19. Please choose
'Computer Engineering' as your degree discipline
while applying. Please preserve a printout
of this message and bring it along with you
in case you are called for Interview.
D M Gaitonde.
Dr. D. M. Gaitonde,          Tel. 022-25597607 (O)
BARC Training School Complex,     022-25509307 (R)
Anushaktinagar,             Mobile 09323067707
Mumbai 400094.              Fax 022-25594898

So is IT eligible? We can select computer engineering even if we are IT? I did not understand this.

@sripo mail them and ask About IT branch..

they will give you best solution 

Whom to mail?

Can anyone send me the email id as to whom to contact.
The mail is from Gaitonde 😂

Send mail as well as your mark sheets below mail link.  because mail respond taken 3-6 days as my case. its my opnion.  

you can call also but i don't think they will be respond as much better than mail.

[email protected]

D M Gaitonde. 
Dr. D. M. Gaitonde,          Tel. 022-25597607 (O) 
BARC Training School Complex,     022-25509307 (R) 
Anushaktinagar,             Mobile 09323067707 
Mumbai 400094.              Fax 022-25594898


@Shaik Masthan Why you want to even consider PSU? 

sir, didn't get you
You should go to IISc, increase your potential and then if you want go for PSUs. If one joins PSU after GATE - especially in CS - there is hardly any good job. Is there any thing decent going on in CS in any PSU in India?
what you said is correct sir,

yes doing masters and choosing teaching as my occupation are my dreams

But don't know that " i can get a good rank or not?  "
@shaik masthan You got 330 in 2017, u could have got into some old IIT. Have u taken gate 18?


i didn't get top iit's with that rank due to GEN category at that time.

i didn't wrote G-18.

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