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Hello senrs,

plzz provide revision tips??

how properly revised the subject completly??? guidlines for next 25 days???

posted Jan 10 in Preparation Advice by Boss (7,809 points) 6 41 118 | 1,388 views


can not say much about how to use these 25 days but most importantly "take care of your health".

Because I am facing some health problem like.. back pain, some times my  mind does not  work with good efficiency.. :(

Must read ...

All the best to every gate 2017 aspirants (y) :)


same here. my brother was talling same from start that "take care that you do not suffer from health problems. if health is good than can give GATE another time." i did not listen him, and today he is proved right. :-(
Try all gate questions and revise those portitions where you believe you are making mistakes.That is my I dont have time to read everything again...for those who are working better to take off for last 2 weeks before exams to stay completely tension free....and keep time off to balance your mind.
@arjun sir or any one can plz help me in nlc psu application form i dont have account in sbi so how i pay for fee
You can try internet banking option.there you will get option for others
have u applied for nlc
i don't see any option for internet banking there plz can u provide link or screenshot
YesI have applied . There you have to pay through SBI collect . Go there you will option for payment using other bank . It is like paytm . you have to add money in their sbi collect account . and you can do that using any bank's internet banking facility.
@AMIT PAL,can you pls tell how to make payment for this NLC form?after clicking on SBI collect ..where to go??i could'nt find the option for payment using other bank
as well as which corporation os institution to choose on first page??
For state , select "Tamilnadu" and for next drop down option choose "Recruitment" . There you will get option for NLC . after that you have to fill the details . and make payment .
@amit pal i have done sbi collect payment 2 days before but still nlc is showing fee paid status as not paid what to do now
I'm not able to proceed to the payment page on nlc application. I upload my photograph and signature, it says upload successful on top left corner. After that there is no "next" link. Even if I click "fee details" link, I am redirected to the photo/signature upload page again.

Any help would be appreciated.
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