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Plzz post half question which you know here and answers which is according to questions which u know just confirmation
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Answer was revolves :D
Yes, the question was: Search engine model ______ around fulcrum of trust. I marked revolves, other options were burst, plays and sinks.
What is the ans for the passage question in aptitude section? Regarding beggars
I think option A
About concurrent execution of processes, I think the answer would be 80.
Min no. Of NOR gates...? What is the answer...?
5 I think
Well, I was able to construct using 4 Nor gates. But some coaching institute's answer key says the answer is 3.

I don't know how did they get it.
How 80? I think answer should be 0
Nor gates are 3 because complemented are given so no need to use not gate

@rajatmyname 80 since minimum value of D would be D-50 and maximum value of D would be D+30.

This was a race condition problem.

@Gate2019 can you please upload the final circuit pic. I am still getting 4. :/

Number of different hamiltonian cycles in complete graph?
its (n-1)!/2
@ Harsh Kumar Dont go for SOP form from KMAP..instead write the function in POS form because we need to implement it through nor gate...and then u will get it

@   i also think the answer should be 0 becoz all the 3 processes will run whatever be the case...dont know whether its ryt :(

80 is correct if the  variable is global (shared variable)there is difference between sentence of high level  and low level instruction. in process execution every process have it's own register(local)  the sentence will convert into mainly three instruction which i remember  and then apply concurrency concepts.

 i think we will have a clear idea when the question paper is out

@Amit .Kumar No doubt about it. It's  just a conflict regarding understanding and interpretation of question otherwise answer would be unique as always ,as soon as paper is out.

@amanjuyal The variable has to be global, otherwise, there is no meaning of min and max values of D.

If each process had its own copy of the variable, then each process would have its own Min and Max value...

For beggars question...i think d. failure of state...
Yeah I also thought the same
What is answer for inherited sttribute ques ??

Q 53

And what is answer for GA question on directions ??

for Q7, I think option D.
Q 53

send the question. Are u asking this question

What is the ans for that fulcrum of trust question?
(n-1)! / 2
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