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Gateoverflow is best source of previous year question and place to get your doubts solved. Answers on Gateoverflow are very nice and informative, they not only tell what answer is but also entire process how answer is derived and give total idea about that question.  I found Gateoverflow very useful in my Gate preparation. Experts like Arjun Suresh, Praveen Saini and others are always present to solve any doubts an aspirant can get. Gateoverflow book of previous year questions along with answers is best study material anyone will need. Gateoverflow answer key this time was 99%+ correct. Overall I can say that If you are preparing for Gate computer Science , using Gateoverflow is MUST now.


Gatecse is best source of study material. I found great lectures of Shai Simpson and others there. I found best collection of books, links to various toppers blog and last years analysis.Gatecse is resource which any serious aspirant should know about.


I want to thank founder of this website Arjun suresh, for discussing with me regarding study strategy and many other issues related to GATE. Keep doing good work :)

Akash Kanase

AIR 28, Gate 2016
posted Apr 4, 2016 in 2016 by Veteran (45,835 points) 174 535 846 | 991 views


Thank you Akash. And you have also answered many questions brilliantly here (y).

Thanks Akash. You are really a role model for me. in future may be I will continue to work on your Mtech thesis. but for now ;) plz answer this : Which theme do you use in gateOverflow? [candy || classic || donut || snow || snowflat || donutold]

look at the footer.
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