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I have not started any aptitude preparation , can anyone suggest me important topics which will fetch me around 10 marks in GA Section?
posted Jan 13, 2017 in Preparation Advice by (383 points) | 1,317 views


you can try Arun Sharma's quant book for cat,understand the shortcuts and try only Level of difficulty one questions..
and what about verbal ability ?
Solve all branch gate papers for apti
from where to get them at one place- all branch apti papers??
If I solve all apti questions here on gateoverflow, will it be enough preparation for Aptitude section? I am doing verbal by ME book.
I think practising for technical questions is sufficient for answering numerical apti other than some specific topics such as geometry and mensuration where formula must be in mind.
anybody please suggest what to do to score good in verbal ability section ?
Read grammar. And Practice Gate previous year questions. You can buy made easy english book. It is very gud.And won't take much time to complete.
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