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pragy agarwal link is working now for gate 2019. you can check your score here

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Any guesses on cut off for IISc?
Nothin below 80 for IISC i guess?

@Arjun sir, i the rank shown is rank among all people who used the website?

If yes then tomorrow would be a major heartbreak!

Someone please explain how the expected rank works

Agree with you @Barney Ross .It's really disappointing to see rank in 500-600 in marks above 60.

Please someone tell ho this calculate the rank.

that's the ages we live in cut throat competition at it's best

@Sasta_yoda This is your response only rt? You have marked 'P' in exam not 'R'. 

@Arjun sir, when we will be able to see prediction of rank?

@Arjun you are right sir. I guess I did not mark it correctly! 

okay. The range one is getting correct now?

Rank prediction is expected to come by 10:00 pm. The current one shown is the actual rank of submitted people and like you I'm also surprised to see so many high marks. May be something to do with the exam pattern.
I guess since I wrote the answer as 0.500 it is marking it as incorrect while the actual answer should have been 0.502-0504.
sir when will these ranks get stable??
What's going on with marks. Did all the smart guys decided to give gate exam this year only? Is this the result of higher no. of PSU hiring last year?

@ this is happening because gate was easy compare to last few years

Is it the easiest paper in Gate CS history :(
Like if I submit my link 10 times. It is counting it 10 different times or only 1 times?
1 time only.
this is the problem with run of the mill paper - silly mistakes are going to cost one 50-100 ranks in the slippery region of 50-65.

reduce the interval width to 1 mark and check.

@Arjun the current marks calculated by taking the range 0.502 - 0.504 for the probability question or not. I have marked it wrongly without considering the "independent" word, and currently i have 70 marks, and rank 210-222. I'm just afraid that the rank will change significantly in the final results if the question is not considered in present marks calculation in pragy app.

sir, sorry to ping you, but your response will help me in expecting the rank range. And sir, this is the first time I tagged you in any of my queries...

Thank you Sir

I don't think it matters a lot. People who have marked .lin range .502-.504 have marked .502
Yes, the range is there in the answer key.
Thank You @Arjun sir and @Ahabnnc sir
Will the final GATE score(Out of 1000) differ from the GATE score which is predicted by Gate Overflow??

What are the chances of changes?


*I am asking for ece branch*
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