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Hi my Brothers and Sisters :)

Hope all are doing well, this post is about my journey only but nothing else.

Got 57 marks only in Gate-19, i know this marks are not sufficient !!!

This marks are even less than my Gate-17 marks too…  After preparing well also, such things happens to few people only ( previously i seen HabibKhan sir only. ). I wrote Gate in 16 and 17, and this time i wrote 3-4 mocks also, in all those exams i completed my exam atleast before 20-25 min, unfortunately in the G-19, i even doesn't visited 8 more 2 marks questions due to lack of time, in those questions, six questions are quite easy and each question solvable under 1 min, I know the fact that “ LUCK can not favor all the time us only ”, But i am sure the journey is awesome :)

I don’t know what is the main motive behind to write Gate-19, I am not decided to choose PSU or M.Tech before starting the preparation, i know it’s not easy to leave the JOB and go to MTech due to financial problems of my family, i just thought if i have a good rank after that i can decide. I decided to fully dedicate DEC and JAN for preparing, but leave was not approved, Therefore i decided to abscond from the duties ( i know this is not the right way to do, but i don’t have any other option ), I would like to thank my parents to accept this decision. And i would like to thank my friends who support me and encougerage me alot :)

With lots of efforts i prepared, even some time it happens till mid night ! But unfortunately it doesn’t worked for me !!

But i am satisfied with my preparation, and i strongly believe that “ Better things are waiting for me which can worth my hardwork ! ”, it is already proven in my life many times !!!

I can’t thank enough the ADMINS of GO, Even they created a classroom schedule and very well maintained, i know how much tough it is ! and how much time they sacrifice for it !! and i know how much they love to help others !!! I am sure that these persons even doesn't spend this much time for their GATE preparation !!!!

I hope most of the people doesn't know that “ Even ADMINS created a Whatsapp Group and added some of the persons only ( who are actively participated in GO classroom, but luckily they add me also even i doesn't participated in GO classroom ) “

And the answers provided by Arjun sir, Bikram sir,  Akash Kanase sir, Debashish Deka sir, Kapil sir, Digvijay Pandey sir, Sachin Mittal 1 sir, LeenSharma sir, shekhar chauhan sir, pC sir, Pragy Agarwal sir, papesh sir, ManojK sir अनुराग पाण्डेय sir, are marvelous.

and i would like to thank jothee mam, Kathleen sir for uploading all the standard questions. and thanks to Subarna Das mam, for spending time for maintaining GO.

and a special thanks to GATEBOOK sir, for providing his questions on GO behalf of the request of Arjun sir !

without mentioning the following people, my journey of Gate-19 through GO doesn’t complete !

i would like to thank srestha mam, Mk UtkarshAyush UpadhyayaMiNiPandaDeepakk Poonia (Dee)abhishekmehta4uSoumya29 mam for sharing their knowledge and their support with me :)

i enjoyed the discussions with arvinMagmaLakshman Patel RJITtusharpkumar.dilip,  jatin khachane 1eyeamgjhimgtaiarnavSomoshree Datta 5Gate FeverHeadShotPrince Sindhiya and many more people.

PS : if i forget any one, forgive me :)

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I can't push me back to write this-

After seeing your comments ,some answers and dedication on GO i was definitely sure about one thing that you'll definitely get a rank in 100.(its my strong belief). 

No one here can believe that you got only 57marks :(  (at least those who were corrected by you)

I always appreciate your comments and answers on GO... Thanks a lot.

And all the best.. @Shaik Masthan

Did you get the link of the Interviews?
Well In the light of the similar kind of feelings and situations, I would like to ask my seniors and fellow learners that, my B.Tech aggregate is 63.45% and I want to apply for PSUs considering my gate score is eligible. And of course I am a CS student. Are there any chances for me(like DRDO, ONGC,or any kind of )?
@shaik Masthan Brother You forgot to mention me!! XD

But you are a true inspiration, Believe me deep down in my heart I have faith that you will go far in this journey! Doesn't matter what result is but your knowledge is exceptional and We respect you a lot.
One exam can't decide anything and we should not have to judge someone based on just one exam. I have seen many times that you always respond and help people whatever they ask most of times until their doubt got solved.You are a very nice person and being a nice person is more important than being a successful that I believe. My exam also did not go well as compared to last year. I did so many silly mistakes and leave simple 2 marks questions without reading it but I got more knowledge than previous year and still I am trying to improve myself.

So, @Shaik Sir , All the best for interviews and future. You will definitely get what you want :)
Sir, whenever any person posted a question on the platform, you already knew about it. Maybe things didn't go well in this exam. But as Arjun sir said prepare for IITk interviews.

You are an inspiration to us.

All the best.

Hi @Shaik Masthan,

Yes you truly deserve more. Scores do matter, but they are not the only thing that matters. You have some of the best qualities of a student which many toppers lack. Constant learning attitude and always sharing our knowledge to help others is what makes you different from others. Keep going, God would have written something really big for you, that's why he didn't let you score what you wanted :)

You are always an inspiration for me, and i have always loved the way you approach the problems and solve them. Keep up the positive spirit and keep going :)

So many lovely comments and so much motivation with best wishes for your future.

I am not going to say anything new to cheer you up.

You wrote “ Better things are waiting for me which can worth my hard work ! ”

Yes..Not better..The Best things are waiting for you :-) 

Wish you all luck and success.

Wish you all the best. Stay happy :)
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