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A thought! when i was in 120 minutes mark ,loadshedding happend and when i reopend again within a minute! all marked answers were lost!
thank GOD! i write down all answers while solving ,in copy and again just marked them in near about 12 minutes..from scratch..but after completion it is showing my time 133 min....means previous 120 is taken in account..ok..but then answers should also come  marked while reopening.

periodic update to db will solve this


ps:my final year project was on an online exam system for entire college,and had to deal with this kinds of issues always!so don't mind for this extra suggestion
closed with the note: Main issue will be resolved later,as mentioned by Arjun sir....topic deviating Now
posted Jan 19, 2017 in Others by Boss (17,855 points)
closed Jan 22, 2017 by | 2,185 views


@AkririSood have you seen his video uploaded on 25 -12-2016 he says no test series  nothing unless you are completely thorough with class notes!
Those who have no common sense cannot be saved. Before listening to anyone ask yourself the reason for it.
Adding one last thing. was once a ******** student. Do test seriously. Other wise you will regret your decision. As said by arjun sir. Listen to yourself first. He is great teacher but everyone has his own kind of mind, he just want you to be confident and don't panic. Test series is important for time management issues. Yes, he taught you everything.

My experience in one line after paper was-

" I knew everything, every concept, still can't do it. Did the same mistake again. After studying soo much should have taken test series seriously. "
@Arjun Sir, well said :)

In remaining days redoing GATE question as much as possible is my target, any suggestion regarding this sir ?
I think this topics should be closed now,it is going somewhere else and it was already closed by arjun sir..

@sachin,yes from tommorow i am starting final revision with all stucked +gate question in the tenure og months

and i would like to give a trinbute to arjun sir, for that common sense wala comment..

there are two method of learning a)spoon feeding b) mastering , class a people can get success, but you need to apply, your common sense there, other wise plan a,b,c, nothing will work


and fo suggestion /discussion you may open a new one blog...i am closing it,as the issue is addressed by Bikram/Arjun sir already and will be taken care of ,in future.
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