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This is my 3rd time giving GATE (passed out in 2017). By my own stupidity I did not take any job that i got on campus and now I am suffering from joblessness. Score predictor puts my score in 54 out of 100 which is not enough for IITs and even NITs in good CS M.Tech specialisations. Now I will take the BARC IIITH BITS and ISI examinations along with CMI, But I am not at all confident about even qualifying for interviews. My Lack of quality project works and internships closes my prospects for any jobs. What should I do? I am confident that I can do better next time in GATE but should I go for 1 more year loss or should I take admissions in any other Master courses.

Please advise and need help regarding this. I am extremely sorry for breaking any site rules and problems to those who think this is a waste of time. But this place is my last hope.


For those who want to know I messed up in probability questions and in total LOST 16 marks due to my mistakes. I will accept that my preparation in mathematics was not upto par.


Please please advise.

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54 is good marks , you can get lower nit or good regional level college. and who told that there is no job. If you want to work only in google or microsoft then there is no job for you. If you are fine with MNC with 4-5 lakh package there are many jobs
Can you please mention which are the good regional level college?
in maharashtra COEP and VJTI are good colleges. CS student fetch around 8 lakh . My friend was doing mech . engg. (MTech)  from VJTI got placed in japan 33lakh package this year
Can you please give any idea from where we can get information about good regional college of each state?
sorry i really don't have much idea about other states. Also as i am targeting IIT only .May you can do one thing that I did during my B.Tech. Admission is that looking at TOP 100 college list published by HRD or Times. most of those colleges are good(At least  you will get placed with 4/5 lakh package).  But I will only suggest you to take admission in this college only

1.if you don't have any job and you have already tried off campus placement and not selected or  

2.your family financial condition not allowing you to give more years for GATE preparation.(Remember most of this colleges have fee around 1 lakh per annum and this can be recovered from stipend if you have cleared gate) or have already given your Best to GATE and can not see any improvement.
Did you self study or take coaching??
Coaching is useless... I did coaching from 2-3 places Gateforum Ace.. Some subjects will always be left out... Some topics will be missed . Some teachers will always be bad and u have to study by yourself anyways. Coachings also have time shortage and are good for ROUGH revision only... not for through revision. Personally I study alone better so Not good for me. Gateoverflow Gradeup helped alot.  Gateoverflow is the best as the syllabus is covered properly and solutions are never wrong as many people openly discuss it. All other test series have bound to be mistakes till now did not see any 100% correct test series.Used grade up for small questions but Books are better only if there are lesser number of questions. Memory and concepts both matter more importantly concepts.
You will get direct admission with your gate score in BITS Hyd
what about Bits Pilani ? what score is needed to get direct admission in that ?
What about bits goa and bits pilani?
According to Last yr. stats: Gate Score of 720 for BITS Pilani and 650 for both hyd and goa.
What if i use combined GATE and BITS exam for admission in BITS pilani? is it possible?
but sir what are mistakes u did in all the  gate exams ?

@Arko Jyoti Shith Yes...possible, please choose this option while applying for the exam