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We are requiring some developers to get the following plugins to use on GATE Overflow. The required skillset is PHP and familiarity with Q2A code base – which is mostly PHP. The code structure is pretty easy even for a naive developer to work with. 

The following plugins you may use as reference:

Documentation can be found here:

Some of the required plugins:

  1. Edit and Review – currently only Editors and above can edit a post and edits are final with roll back option. We need a way for anyone to suggest edits and edits become final only when the owner or Moderators approve them. Price 50-100$ 
  2. Spam Regulator – We need a proper plugin to minimize spams. This is a current open source one New features required
    1. Auto identification of spam user accounts and spam posts – Require Filter module of Q2A. Then also requires Report Spam option so that the spam detection module gets trained automatically similar to Email Spams
    2. Option to list potential spam accounts already existing and a neat way to remove them
    3. Price 100$. 
  3. Fixing Q2A Network of Sites Plugin – This is an outdated plugin for running a network of Q2A sites. We mainly need an option to move questions across the network of sites and fix any error issues. Price 40$. 
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Hi Sir, I am interested in this oppurtunity but I do not know PHP. I am willing to learn. If there's any way I can be a part of it, please let me know.

If you know the programming then you can easily learn PHP  best site to learn PHP.

PS : don't forget to run it on server side !

Hey sir, GO is really doing great but  we can create GO website as an open source project and we can improve front end as well as back-end and we can actually try to improve user experience.I have not used php but i know some other web tech stacks . creating a new GO as an open source project will be very interesting. will be very happy to have ur reply @Arjun

Are you saying Q2A which GO uses is not open-source?
No , I am saying as GO website is scaling Very fastly...we can start an open source community for GO website where people can help building GO website with tech stack like node.js and react....I know it's a huge project but I will increase the user experience rating and the scaling will not have any effect on the user experience...

Till then we can contribute to the current website ....I will surely contribute to it but I mainly work in node.js,Ruby on rails and front end web.

Making GO as an open source community will also help spreading a word about the great work this community is doing and various organisations like Google and Mozilla are helping organisations like GO in growing....

I hope I have cleared my views on this :)
What is the use of it? Are you saying PHP is not scalable? If Google/Mozilla want to help they can do to Q2A :)

actually, PHP is scalable but it does have some problems with it and the use of making GO community for its website open source is that many students can come and contribute to the new features of GO webiste and improve the user experience. and In PHP we only have laravel as one of the good front end framework but we can improve the interactivity by using some other front end frameworks like react,vue,angular2.The basic problems with PHP is that  PHP has inconsistent naming of built-in and library functions. Predictable naming patterns are important in any design.The PHP developers constantly deprecate built-in functions and lower-level functionality. A good example is when they deprecated pass-by-reference for functions. This created a nightmare for anyone doing, say, function callbacks. and yes i think google/mozilla will consider if we apply as a Organisation for their summer of code programs :)

@Arjun sir , i am not against anything.. i am just giving my views :)

Thats not correct. Q2A itself is a PHP platform and anyone wanting to contribute to GO can do so there as a plugin or even theme. 

Yes, there arent fancy stuffs but basic HTML, CSS, PHP and JS but they are enough to get any functionality done. 

And your ideas sounds good; but wont work 😄 Anyway the focus here is in providing better content and making aspirants get better rank. Interface is secondary. Q2A took 4 years of intense development by the dev team + many plugins and themes over the years -- it make no sense to do this from scratch unless there is a potential issue. 

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