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As you all might be aware the next exam after GATE is JEST. I am aware many will be answering and they have a sample set of questions which do not have solutions.Hoping that the community solves all these questions thereby helping the aspirants in making us more aware of the type of approaches to solve the same question.My reason to add these questions was that there are no solution to these sample questions anyone going through these questions might wonder if his/her answer’s are correct.

I personally found the sample questions tougher than even Gate Questions.

For those who do not no much about this exam here is some information.

Joint Entrance Screening Test (JEST) is a preliminary screening test conducted jointly by several premier research institutes. Among these institutes, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai is the only one that offers a Ph.D. programme in Theoretical Computer Science.

The JEST screening test for entrance to the PhD programme in theoretical computer science will be held typically on a Sunday in the middle of February every year.

The test focusses on the following areas:

Analytical Reasoning and Deduction, Combinatorics, Data Structures and Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics, Graph Theory, Principles of Programming.

In each of these areas, familiarity with the basics (including the necessary simple mathematics) is assumed. There are questions of both types – some requiring short answers as well as some involving detailed problem solving. A sample questionnaire is attached.

Link to the same pdf

Link to the sample questions on GO.

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There are no other previous years questions available to help the preparation. Do the sample questions really similar(difficulty level) to the actual paper?
I haven't answered JEST before all that is available is this sample paper.Only after answering the JEST exam we will be able to conclude if this helps.

There is no previous year JEST questions available.

Maybe refer to CMI PYQ's on its website or TIFR PYQ's I really don't know if this helps also.They ask for more conceptual questions in JEST cause it is for PhD and there is objective as well as subjective.
The sample questions for JEST look somewhat more difficult compared to CMI papers..

And IISC also accepts JEST score for PhD (top 50 ranks though)
That's why I posted them on Gate Overflow so that I atleast now the correct answers and helps the community in general.
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