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Hello All,

Gate contest link is open now. Please start contesting for questions which you feel are not correct as per GATE answer key. But please do provide genuine and strong proof to support your claim. You need to pay 500 for each claim you make.

Also lets discuss among ourselves here before contesting, we might get some more insight as to what others think of our query. And, please don’t support or negate someone’s view, just because you marked the same answer. Please reply genuinely on what your opinion is. I think that will be of some good help to everyone.
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Question-Link :

@Astitva Srivastava @Digvijay Pandey @gatecse @Shaik Masthan  @Arjun

Sir, I'm only tagging because I'm really worried about this, as there aren't even a few people(Other than Astitva) who have the same doubt and I'm not sure whether these links would be enough and where should I look further for support to this. Sir if you could please tell me where should I look for (I mean which book or topic should I look this up), I'm also having doubt that whether UNIX have some conventions for the representing memory(Though I don't have much idea about it)

Disk block size = 4 kB = 4*1000 Bytes

Disk block address = 32 bits = 4 Bytes 

No of addresses in a block = 4000/ 4 = 1000

Maximum file size = (12 + 1000 + 1000*1000)* 4000 = X

= X / 2^30 GB

= 3.729 GB

So I think the answer should be 3.7 - 3.8


KIlobyte - Wiki Link

Binary Prefix Standards

You can challenge if you have answered in that range.
I have answered 3.8 I'll challenge, Thanks for replying, Sir. I just wanted to confirm whether these links will be enough or do I need some more proofs as I don't know anything about this process.
Well in the link if you see GB is 1000*1000*1000 rt?
Yes sir, and if we solve, it'll be 4.00


Sir, please can you confirm if the answer for NOR gate question will be 3 only. Cause I have marked it as 3 and in GO key also, it is given as 3. But according to gate answer key it is given as 4. Should I challenge for the same? please help me sir.

Question link -


@Anuj Mishra ,@Arjun 

On this link itself KIlobyte - Wiki Link, this is given.

So we have to consider 1024 not 1000.

have you challenge this question ?


Sir, Please take a look at my argument for this question.

* Given that the question clearly mentions "a" and "b" as the names of the two nodes, this can also imply non superimposition of the nodes.
* This created the ambiguity in the question about different assumptions : 1) "a" and "b" may represent same node.

                                                                                                                          --> which results into answer as 4.25
                                                                                                                     2) "a" and "b" are always distinct nodes(implicitly).

                                                                                                                         --> which results into answer as 4.86

* In order to avoid multiple implications, it should have been specifically mentioned in the question that: "a" and "b" may be same(/ are always distinct). 

But since the question did not had this specification - there are two possible answers based on two interpretations.

Yeah, but kilobyte is expressed as KB during memory implementation, not as kB.

@cuser, I also have the same argument and marked the same answer as you did!

@Arjun sir, Can you pls help giving some insight based on your experience? Will this(as stated by cuser) be a valid and sufficient argument?

I guess if we go by this convention, then we'll have to take disk block size as 1024 bytes.

No. of addresses in each disk block = 4 * 1024 / 4 = 1024

Maximum file size = (12 + 1024 + 1024*1024)* 4 * 1024 = X

= X / 2^30 GB

= 4.003 GB
Have you challenged this question or do you know of anyone who did? Although I also wrote 4.86,I am not very sure about it so I didn't challenge and the time for the contest is over now
I also haven't challenged it yet. They stated 12 noon as the closing rime but i can still see the link active. I don't know if anyone challenged this.

@cuser and @Ashish Goyal
Even I marked it as 4.86. But we are wrong. The probability of selecting the second node is independent of the first one.That means the second node can be the same. Otherwise the outcome of the first event influences the second one, making the 2 events dependent. Eg. if we both choose a color independently (from a finite set of colors), there is always a chance that both of us choose the same color.

yes ,the answer will no doubt  be 3 NOR gates only .I have challenged the question 50  but the only concern is will the gate committee will rectify their final keys?
Even I have challenged question number 50. Let us hope.
In how many days will the revised answer keys be out (approx)??
It will be out on 13th or 14th March
No. Official key should be out in a week or so.

When will be the final official key released?

If you observe, the last line saying "Final answer keys" as I [email protected] 12:38 pm today. Does that mean review of challenges made by the students is over and current key pdf is the final key? But, NOR gates key is still 4. Is it not updated or 4 is the correct answer?  

Anyone out there please, comment.

@Naveen I guess the final keys haven't been updated yet, even though the site says so. Also, 4 cannot be the correct answer, your explanation above is valid. How old is the screenshot that you've posted above?
The screen shot is taken on February 22nd only. Though I too thought they are not final, I don't know why they mentioned final answer keys.

Edit: I wrongly mentioned the date,now corrected.

Thank you @Arjun Sir for the suggestion to go for correction. We got the marks.

Thank you @Arjun Sir

answer key is out ?
And what about the ques 26 (the recursion problem)  on which bonus marking was to be done as none of the options were correct . In the final answer keys still option (c) is marked as correct .Will there be any changes?
There's no more changes as it is the final key. For that matter in GO key Q26 was never given Marks to All and there is a reason for that.
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