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I have started reading Kenneth Rosen, I have found only few solved examples and a hell of Exercise questions. I have tried the exercise questions, but able to solve only a few of them. Everyone says Standard books are Gold for GATE, I want to know how to follow them.

How to develop that problem-solving skill?

Any suggestions are welcomed!
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Hi @himgta , see first thing is It's good, you have tried standard book questions atleast.

Everyone says Standard books are Gold for GATE, I want to know how to follow them.

It's the genuine question you asked, well, I am not a GATE Toppers (not even nearby :P) but I'll try to answer it:

  1. First, take the GATE syllabus, and check what are the topics actually needs to be covered
  2. Then for sure you won't get topics directly, may be you get whole chapter. 
    • Let me tell you here, sometimes whole chapter is important or sometime only some topics.
  3. Once you read chapter and understand it fully, take GATE questions and start solving it
    • Don't look at answers and don't worry if you are not able to solve all since you wants to know where you are in your preparation of that particular topic.
    • When you are not able to solve some questions or they are wrong, try to know concept behind that and then solve again(Have Patience!! As this may take some time(hours or a day) but It will for sure increase your thinking skill)

How to develop that problem-solving skill?

This is 2nd point of step 3.

In this way you complete the whole subject. Once you are done,Go for the test(from GO exams ) and check what's your score. Why I am saying this is It may give you idea of the WAY you approach and attempt the question (genuine specifically) from a good source and you may set your strategy of approaching question paper also.

Hope, it will help you a bit. Else many toppers are here, they will guide you (as well as me) more on this.Thanks for asking this question. :)

P.S. : Please!! Don't go for any test series now as you may be misguided by wrong questions/answers. PREFER GO ONLY.



You can follow Bikram sir strategy for books -

You can find solution to all exercise questions in Rosen here.

solve standard book exercises of every god damn  standard book available ... iit/iisc professors take questions from standard book exercises ..... not from test series .... if u solve each and every question of standard books ... u can easily guess wat r the types of questions gate can ask .... Only solution .... Everyone knows whether it is sem exam or gate exam... its all about getting common type of questions ...
Please suggest  links where I can find exercise and solutions of each standard book for gate.

@Mayankprakash just Search the" name of the book solution pdf  " you will get solution for most of the standard book.

This is how i do

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