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Respected Seniors,
I know You will be seeing most of the questions like this and you are tired of answering this.
But I have no other hope unless seeking trusted seniors. Answer only when you are free .
Here is my story :
    Iam a first timer general category student who started preparation with high hopes and with flying wheels in august 2018, But in course  of time I lose some motivation and prepared lightly. I wont blame my college nor resources provided by college as it is Tier 3 college. In the end I have to be blamed.

   I scored 47 marks as per praggy app and now I don’t know what to do because as per it my rank is around 3000. I know with that rank I shall not get any good colleges.
My options :

1.Drop 1 year prepare again – I don’t know how will be the situations during next year and as Arjun sir told in PPT most of the people will be in same range even after repeating.
2.I have Infosis job as a fresher with 3.6 lpa. So most of the people suggesting go to job and write again. I don’t know how much this will work ???

3.With My rank join the best college that I get and repeat again.

4. Joining job and settle in it and giving up on Gate.

Which option is best and if there are any other suggest them... Thank you !!!

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I am not a ranker so you might not believe on my words but in my opinion 3rd option is worst, instead prepare for IIIT Hyd. or you can also join infosys and give GATE next year as well. Drop is also a option but only if you really feel you will get 65 or 70+ next year because of general category. Giving Gate while doing job is a safe option why??? because even if you fail next time you can give gate again and if you take drop and you fail ( <65) then neither you get a good college nor you have a job and you have to compromise with some lower level colleges.  

One more thing Akash Kanase Sir topped Gate(AIR 28) in his third attempt but he had job as a backup.

4th option is also worst in my opinion, example same as above.

If you have any doubt ask further.
which ppt are you referring to, can you share the link to it
See in recent posts "For GATE CSE Admissions 2019"
Well it is quite nostalgic for me as if I have time traveled 1 year back in past and looking at myself. I think I am qualified enough to resolve your query to some extent.

In 2017, I was also a final year B.Tech student and preparing for GATE 2018(self preparation). I was very confident at first but eventually that enthusiasm decayed over time. Finally I ended up with 40.67 marks in GATE 2018 with a rank of 2997. At that point of time I had the same doubts as you have right now. I got placed in 2 companies. One from TCS with approximately 3.4 LPA and other one from DxCorr India with around 5 LPA. At that point of time I surfed through internet extensively for resolving these same queries. All my friends suggested me to join in DxCorr and continue my GATE preparation.

But the thing is do not try to imitate others. Do what your heart says. Yes I did that. I decided to leave all my job offers behind and drop 1 year so that I can totally focus on GATE preparation as I knew that if I join any company then I will not be able to continue my preparation. This is because I know myself better that anyone.

Now coming to the end consequences. What if I do not do good in GATE? Is that end of world. No, it's not. Many people have wrong concept that GATE is everything and it is like one shot. If it hits the target then you win, otherwise you lose. But it is not like that. There are many more opportunities even after GATE. There is amcat, elitmus, cocubes and many more through which you can get job offers. You don't have to rely upon GATE solely. So, after I researched all such possibilities, I thought lets give a shot. I was confident about myself that even if I fail to crack get with a decent score, I can surely end up with some job in hand through these job portals and can continue my GATE preparation. I was certain that I will not drop for another year as after dropping 1 year it will be hard for me to maintain the same enthusiasm and mentality. If you clear GATE after dropping 1 year then it's good, otherwise join some company and try to continue your preparation from where you left. That was my mentality.

So, I started my preparation immediate after my college was over and I took some coaching. I am not saying coaching is necessary. You can do self preparation. I took coaching so that I become more serious about my preparation and don't go off the track. I didn't give a second thought about the end results. And guess what? this year I end up having a good GATE score, decent enough to get me into old IITs or even IISc (if everything goes well).

Yeah, this was me and my story. I repeat don't imitate me or anyone else. If you want to crack GATE and get into IIT and if you are confident enough about yourself then go ahead. Start your preparation right now. If you are still in some kind of dilemma and that stays even after your college then don't try to get yourself into some kind of uncertainty. Join your company, work hard and excel in life. And when you feel you are now ready and confident enough to take the risk, do it. The path to the GATE is always open.
tq bro...will follow what my heart desires
Hey Abhishek, didn't you feel lonely when you were repeating, didn't it was frustating studying alone in a room, how was your social life throughout this period?

Gate 2018: Marks- 27.67

Gate 2019: Marks- 64.67

I gave gate 2018 in my final year, couldn't score much. Didn't lost hope, started everything from scratch. Didn't sat in the college placements so no backup plans. Gate 2019 was my only option. Was demotivated a lot during preparation. But motivated myself again and again ( blog by @Deepakk Poonia (Dee) boss helped me a lot).  I used to get around 30-40% marks in ME test series. I saw that as a stepping stone. In the last ME full length test, score was around 31. Even that couldn't demotivate me. The GO platform was a big big help.  What I've learned is you'll have to believe in yourself before anyone else. Plus you'll have to take some risk in order to achieve great things.


Great improvement bro...It is not at all easy to jump directly from 27.67 to 64.67..U will be source of inspiration for many future aspirants...Best of luck

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