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Reading the past year’s toppers testimonials on GO and thinking whether I will be able to perform well and be an example for future aspirants always seemed to be a motivating factor for giving my best, and now this feeling is totally magical. I am Tejasvi Sharma, a BE CSE 2018 graduate from UIET, PU, Chandigarh, managed to climb up from 4 digit rank(1707) in Gate-18 to 2 digit rank(78) in Gate-19. Joined an abc coaching for last year’s attempt but was not satisfied by the performance last year. Thought of giving an attempt with Job for the next year. Got motivation from my senior who also achieved the same feat there. About the preparation strategy, the best thing is planning beforehand and creating a roadmap for the journey that lies ahead. The best resources available for study are the standard textbooks by the renowned authors and not the local books being used in the college or at other institutes. If you have plenty of time to read every book at least twice or thrice then it is best , but if you lack time then only go for video classes but that too for only some of the subjects and book should be read at least once in that case too. Just like people usee to open instagram, facebook  I used to open https://gateoverflow.in/activity for the recent activity and happenings on GO, daily at least 4-5 times. You have any doubt be it a previous year question or any xyz coaching material question, the moment you search the key term in GO , you will find the same already answered most of the times and that too by the likes of veterans including @Arjun sir, @Bikram sir , @Shaik sir ,@Sreshta mam and many more. Really also  appreciate the efforts of GO team in keeping the past data admission responses, result responses, cutoff ,interview experiences  and revision slides and discussions done by  @Arjun sir and there are many more. Not to forget the GO testing platform which is available 365 days 24/7 and gives real experience for the past year examinations. As has been rightly said ‘Those who sweat more in training bleed less in war’ so give good quality tests by joining a decent test series and try to learn from the mistakes and constantly aim for improvement. Also there is no shortcut to success so yeah one has to invest a lot of time for the same and there is no substitute for that. Thanks GO for everything..



posted in 2019 Mar 16, 2019




heartist congratulations.....

managed to climb up from 4 digit rank(1707) in Gate-18 to 2 digit rank(78) in Gate-19.

i can understand your efforts to achieve this :)

you have Great Life Ahead..... 

Congrats :) You should be in IISc/IITB
Thanks @shaik sir. Reading your answers has always been a great pleasure.

Wishing the same for you..

Thanks @arjun sir , yeah will surely love to meet you if I am lucky enough to land in iisc..

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