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If anything from past triggering into your mind again and again.

<<<<-------------------------Message I wrote to Failure------------------>>>>>>>>


Dear Failure,

Why you even exist?, I always tried hard but you were aways there. Why "me" ?

Well If i truely say, then i will say that, That was really an awesome experience to meet you, without you i never know how much strong i am. but now you must have understood that i am not a person that you generally deal with and enjoy your success. I am among one that you can not defeat them.

You know why?

what is reason you can not defeat me ?....because i do not measure myself with how many time i failed. I measure myself with how much probability i can still win. and i always find probability to win. So stop scaring me, you can not win this backoff game with me.

By the way, without you my life was incomplete so thanks for comming :)


<<<----------------------------Reply from Fauilure--------------------->>>>>


Thank you for your concern and please do not curse me, i was there just to make you strong and i will always be there to make you strong at some point in your life. I never wanted to people get depressed because of me, and i am really sick that people take me bad and try to blame their luck.

Anyways when  i find person like you then i feel Mission Successful  !!!

Nice to meet you, will see you "again" at TOP :)



<--------Meanwhile Success sent me a message---------------->>>



You meet my cousin, Failure?. He always comes before me. and i am just one step beyond your failure.

I really want to come to you but unfortunately i do not have legs, i won't come to u, you should come to me ...i am always here welcoming you :)

Many great people you see today, they have failed over and over and over again in their lives and that's why they succeed.

If you are slow walker, i would love to meet you, I can see you, you are on the way to me, so congratulations :)

just dont quit and iam yours:)

Hoping to meet you soon :)
posted Jan 23, 2017 in Motivation by Boss (17,921 points)
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wow!!!!!!!!!!! this is amazing post.....

Just one word, WOW.

Nice motivation

thanks for these Motivating words :)

"This is so true Failure is as much important as Success, bcoz if you eat sweets(Success) daily you will be bored with taste and you will never know whether it is good, bad or better than other things but when you eat something of bitter(Failure) taste then you realize that sweet taste was better and next time when you eat that sweet it tastes better."

"You always choose to be successful because you know failure tastes so bitter"

this one is really amazing!!great
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