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Words would fall short to express how much thankful I am to GO for the helping hands that the wonderful users of this site had extended to me to enable me land up at AIR 116 in GATE CS 2019 in the very first attempt. I am currently pursuing my Btech in 4th year. Thank you @Arjun Sir , @Bikram Sir to come up with such a wonderful site and always helping fellow aspirants like us. Though this isn’t such an impressive rank, but behind the scenes, there were countless number of sleepless nights and lot of struggle and hard work which got all the recognition today because of GO.

I would personally like to thank my best friend @Manas Kumar Mishra for picking me up at times when I was low..for motivating and inspiring me to the extent that enabled me to carry on my preparation till the last minute. I can’t express my gratitude in words..There are certain emotions that cant be expressed in words..:)

Also, I would personally like to thank @Shaik , @MiniPanda , @Magma for helping me endlessly to clarify my doubts. Thank you so much :)

My GATE journey has been described here:


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Congrats πŸ‘ 

Do you know your rank among female aspirants in GATE CSE 2019? πŸ˜„

I kept on revising and giving full length tests and I could see my marks slowly improve from 54 to 65–70 and finally it went on to 75–85. I was very satisfied with my preparation and I knew I would surely make it to the top in the final exam.

This is what is called revision πŸ‘ Who knows you might end up in IITB/IISc if seats get increased. Also, IISc AI course is started this time - try for that too. 

you deserve it... Heartiest congratulations :)
Thank you so much @Arjun Sir..:) Surely I will try for IISC/IITB Sir :)
congratulation.wish you all the very best
@Shaik I cant thank you enough for all your help :) thank you once again.. :)

@Somoshree Datta 5 Many many congratulations :D :D Happy to have helped you to the extent I knew.. your doubts also helped me clear mine :P


Thank you so much :) I am sure you must also have aced GATE with flying colours :) :) All the best for your future endeavours :D

 Congratulations :)

Many many congratulation! I read your blog on Quora. Thanks for such honesty! Wish you all the best :)
Thank you :)
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