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I am Shreyansh Jain, a B.Tech CSE 2018 graduate from a tier-3 college, managed AIR-86 in GATE-19 with two months of dedicated preparation.

This post might help people who messed up their exam or could not held their nerves on the D-day. I will try to pin point everything wrong I did while preparing last year. Before that I would like to thank everyone who has contributed in the making of GO book and Arjun sir especially for all his selfless efforts to make this platform and bringing all aspirants under one roof.

After GATE 2018, I was looking for an answer to the question “Should I drop completely / or continue preparation with job / or focus on Job entirely?” having scored AIR 323.  As I got placed in a product based company so I thought I can continue preparing with job. But frankly speaking, preparation with job is a myth atleast in a start-up cultured product based company. It will only build pressure as there's no such thing as multi-tasking – just doing lots of things badly. So I decided to quit in mid November, luckily my company had provision of leave with LOP provided I should rejoin in mid-January (PS: I am still employed and working, will resign soon :D). All I had were two months to revise everything and practice. I planned to dedicate 2-3 days for revision of each subject with subject tests to check I wasn’t missing important concepts. It took me three weeks to revise all subjects except Maths and Discrete. For Maths and discrete I took few more days. After this I gave full tests only in the 2nd month of my preparation which included past year tests, made easy test-series,tests by @rituraj and @bikram sir.

Mistakes I rectified :

  • Gave full tests in single sitting of 3 hours (earlier used to shut the window to take break and later resume)
  • Referred GO book and following thread discussion for doubts clearance (used some other resource last year)
  • Made use of options like “Not Answered” and “Mark for Review” to prioritize order of solving problem based on difficulty level
  • Mentally prepared myself not to get panic by looking at some alien problem (test by @rituraj helped)

Blunders I made :

  • Ate something non-sense night before exam, woke up with headache
  • $225 \times 4 =1000$, might cost me with IITB

All the best to future aspirants. Prepare well without thinking about results. 

Thank you :)

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Congrats 👍 Hopefully you should get IITB by later rounds. Should try IISc AI course too

Thanks @Arjun sir, will definitely try for the AI course.

"Hopefully you should get IITB by later rounds" . For gods sake what is the cutoff for IITB??
congratulations :) 👍
Thanks Shaik bhai for being there to answer at crucial times. Thanks a lot !
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