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Yes ! As the title suggests, i am just going to share with you some lines,that made me tremendously motivational ,1 years back...

.in 2016, 20 days before the exam,i was going through a Family Problem and could not even touch books for some days!! then oneday,while browsing Youtube and some Random songs!! i found a song, the lyrics of Which changed my Approach completely.. then and there..So i thought , to share it with you, if anyone having a tough time , about anything.

Nakamio ke bahane hazaro hai,kiska kasoor kare

par zimmadari hamari v banti hai,itna zarror kare

Jo ho raha hai woh akhon ke age hai,Najre kyun pherle hum

Ab naye irado se manzar badalne ka,sar pe surror rahe...

This 4 lines is the best 4 lines of any song,i ever heard!!!

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literally , if this would have been Fb post or something, i could have liked it for 100 times. very true lines. thanks for sharing.
sahii baat... great lines ... aaj pen bhi hmara hi or copy bhi hmara hi... yaa sikayate likhlo yaa kamyabiiyo ki khani.. really inpires me as this tym being motivated n happy is most important. all the best wish you good luck
care to translate?

Transllation: (though I'm not that good in english!)

 There are thousand reasons for failure, which failure you put into fault?

But there is our responsibilty too , atleast do that!

Whatever happens, everything happens in front of us then why underestimate them?

Now, it's time to change scenario by taking strong decisions and making strong will-power , sar par surror rahe (be made about it, be crazy about it)

P.S. Plz forgive me, if I'm wrong on some grammer part!


You indeed made a funny mistake here "Plz apologize me, if I'm wrong on some grammer part!" !!
Its like you are asking people to say sorry for your mistakes.

Just found that funny. Please dont mind.

And it should be..

"Plz forgive me, if I'm wrong on some grammar part!"



Ye lo ye to mohd rafi ho gaya.
*Grammar (common mistake, but we all are here to help each other. Good day mate.)
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