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Congratulations on the wonderful success that you achieved in GATE 2019. The trend this year is unprecedented, and I see lot many candidates scoring above 60 as compared to previous years.

This post is targeted towards candidates having a GATE score of 600-700. As you might have guessed it, I’ll be talking about IIT-Gn.

Admission Process:

You have to apply through their website. Shortlisted candidates will be called for a Written Test-Coding Test followed by an Interview. The shortlisting usually involves a minimum GATE of 600(they may change it, so can’t guarantee).

Written Test:

This test generally consists of questions from Discrete Maths and Algorithms(these are relatively tough). Some basic questions from OS, DBMS. You have negative marking as well. Marking scheme last year was +2, -1. So avoid guessing, if unsure.

Coding Test:

They are looking for candidates who can code well. This doesn’t mean that you need to be a fantastic coder. Although I would suggest to start coding easy and medium problems on Hackerrank. That should be enough. The coding platform would most likely be Hackerrank.
Hackerrank Sections for practice:

Arrays, Trees, Strings, Greedy. (Try to solve easy and medium level problems.)


Interviews are medium to tough, depending on the panel you are alloted in. Most professors at IIT Gn work on theoretical computer science and algorithms. So if you say your favourite subject is Algorithms, be prepared to prove the correctness of your solution.

I would also suggest to conceptualize the properties of Graphs(eg Bipartite-Odd Cycle) as well. Most professors love questions on graphs.

For more details refer to previous blog on IIT-Gn on GO.

Admission process aside, it’s natural to have this question as to why should you consider IIT Gn. This is a new IIT and Computer science discipline started in 2016. M.Tech programme for CS started in 2017. But if you looking for quality research, especially in theoretical computer science, then this is a great place to come. I’ll list some great things about IIT Gn:

  • Most faculties have done their Ph.D from top IITs, IMSc.
  • As mentioned before, it is great for Algorithms. But it is also relatively good for Machine Learning, AI and Computer Vision. We have excellent professors who work on practical as well as theoretical AI.
  • The course structure is quite good. It has flexibility to choose the course that suits your needs.
  • Average placement for CS M.Tech 2017 batch is 13lpa(and it will only improve).
  • We have a top quality campus- “Green campus”  as we call it, with all the required amenities.

IIT Gn focuses on research more, and therefore I feel you won’t be let down by the fact it is a new IIT. Additionally, you will have ample of internship opportunities as well. So if you are inclined towards research(future Ph.D), then I would suggest this as a great option. On the other hand, if you are placement oriented, and you can’t get any old IITs or top NITs, then you should consider this college.

If you have any further queries, you can ask me or @srivivek95 or @Despair Darkness

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You won't get M.Tech degree then

According to their site 

"The thesis is compulsory for the award of an M.Tech. degree. It is expected that the thesis will result in high quality scholarly publications and national and international conference presentations."

If someone fail to do so weather he will be given Mtech Degree or not?

Is it a very strict requirement to publish in national and international conference?

Thesis is necessary, but publication is not for getting an M.Tech degree.
Publication is not a strict requirement but you will be highly encouraged by the Profs to do quality work and that may/may not get you some good publications.
can anybody compare it with other new iits such as indore ,goa , and nit jaipur , iiit allahabad etc
what's the highest package of mtech cse 2017 bacth ? do companies hired for research profile or software developer? Can you please tell companies name which came to hire ?

@Gurdeep Saini Its certainly better than IIT Indore and Goa. Can't comment on the others.

IIT Patna Mtech CSE vs IIT Gandhinagar MTech CSE which is good ?
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