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Hello guys !

i have done my (CSE) from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University , New Delhi. and from past 2 years i have been working with an IT Company . but now i feel like going for Masters (specially in latest IT technologies i.e ML,DS,AI Thing), i can’t leave this job due to some financial issues but i can devote 4 hours a day for gate preparation ( self preparation + use of GO pdfs and GO Site), can anybody help me, guide me is it possible to crack gate with 9 to 5 job

please excuse my any typos !

Thanks in Advance 

Hoping an early and positive reply.


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You should be absolutely sure that you want to this because it will take lots of sacrifices and constant hard work for a year, and in the end, if you don't get a good result then you will feel very demotivated.

Let me tell you what I did, I was working in an antivirus company in Chennai, with around 60k in hand salary,

Marks 62.66, GATE score 714, Rank 673. (First attempt)

Since you are in corporate for around 2 years you would have forgotten theory subject like TOC, Compiler, COCA, networks, and others.

I took online coaching in Feb for directed syllabus completion. Watches all the videos, made handwritten motes from videos, solved coaching booklets of all subjects till July.

This will make your basics clear and help you revise basics very quickly.

Starting from August I started solving GO books, analyzing each and every question and making notes about anything which I found new while doing the question like a new concept, trick or anything else.

I finished that till October.

Then from November, I started doing subjects tests from GO, testbook, and made easy.

Then from Mid December I started doing full length from GO, testbook and made easy.

Make sure you note all the new concepts and tricks discover while doing questions.

Test series except GO have lots of wrong answers.

You can generally find solutions to other institutes test series questions on GO.

In the last 1 week I took leave from office and revised GO books and used to search GO website by typing a topic in the google search provided in GO. That really uncovered some really missed inferences and results which were discussed by users.

The schedule which I followed was:

Get up at 5:30 and study till 9:30 then reach office around 10:30, my office was at walkable distance. Return from office around 8 and have dinner and study for an hour or so, sleep at 10:30.

Get up at 6 in weekends and cover as much as possible.

During the final months when I was doing full lengths, get up at 4 - 4:30 so a full lenth, then do a subject test if time is left then try to analyse the mistakes in office if time permits or come back home and analyze the test and sleep, repeat.

That is why I said it will take lot of hardwork and sacrifices, when people where going for camping I was studying at home, marke sure you can resist these temptations.

My ambition is to work for ISRO or BARC or DRDO,

I am not doing masters, I have joined KVS as a computer teacher, here I get good amount of time for preparation of GATE 2020, targeting <100  rank this year.


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