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Edit: We will be having a Test at 9 pm, on first Sunday of every month till November. The syllabus for the test will be as per GATE 2020 schedule which should start from June. Till then, the tests will be based mostly on basic Algorithm skills and Aptitude. Test 1 is on google form but remaining tests will be added on GO Exams. Please verify your account before trying to take them. 


  1. What’s the advantage in taking the test?
    • Main advantage is to know where you stand currently in terms of expected GATE performance. In addition those who perform well will be added to an Elite list in GO who can get restricted privileges like Mentioning admins on any posts, take any tests etc. Also see FAQ 3.
  2. Is it same as any Test Series?
    • No. You won’t be getting a lot of questions as in any test series. The focus of the questions will be more on showing the typical weak points one might have. For Test Series, you can visit Exams Tab and there are plenty of tests. 
  3. Will there be any mentoring for aspirants?
    • No. Since most of the toppers in GO are self mentored and enough resources are available for it, there won’t be any one-to-one mentoring for any aspirants. But those who top the tests and selected to the Elite group will be given more discussion options and once the system subjects starts – mainly COA, Compilers, CN, OS – all their doubts will be cleared. For theory subjects, some notes/slides will be added on GO classroom where ever required.  
  4. What if I’m scoring too low in the tests?
    • If you are scoring too low – say bottom 20 percentile consistently it means in GATE it will be tough to get within 5000 rank. So, you should decide what to do now rather than after GATE2020. 

Test 1 – Over on May 5 

Test 2 – Coming on June 2 – Topics: General Aptitude, Basic C programming, Data Structures (those who have done coding can answer the questions without any further preparation)

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I did not see the post on time, can anything be done?
Hello Sir,

I did not see the post on time on the Facebook Page of Gate Overflow. Please consider my request for an exam today on Monday, at the same time.
Hello Sir, as few of my fellow gateoverflow mates, even I couldn't appear for the Quiz due to some unavoidable circumstances. Is there any possibility of conducting the test again, at the same time today, i.e., Monday evening?
Please see the post now.

@Arjun sir, It means now we can't even see the test now. ????

(as a first and last warning plz allow us to atleast appear in this one , we will honestly attempt this one and will evaluate ourselves if possible) in any form whther exam mode in GO or in pdf or in Google Form Link.?

Test will be added in GO but only after May 15 as all are busy with GO book work.

@Arjun Sir ,

where will be tommorow's test conducted ? Please notify GO users if possible before starting the test.

It is postponed to next Sunday. No test tomorrow.

@Arjun Sir there is test tommorow right?

Yes. At 9:00pm here in Exam section. General Aptitude is the topic.

@Arjun Sir but the Data Structures Test was posponed to 9th June as per previous communication on this thread. When is that exam going to happen then?

It's not Data Structures test. After today there are 3 tests planned as per GO schedule given. I'll update this post.
TEST 3 ?

As told above, the tests will be following the schedule given here:

For tests and revision a week is assigned and the next coming one is July 15-21. Normally the test will happen on the Sunday of it.

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