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We have started the pre-booking for GO Hardcopy 2020. Major changes compared to last year
  1. GATE 2019 and some other missing questions mainly from TIFR added
  2. Aptitude questions almost doubled as all aptitude questions across all branches are now completely added
  3. Paper quality same as last year but light reflection problem is solved by using Matt finish
  4. QR codes and other features remain the same
  5. Section stitched and perfect binding used – will be like any standard book with no binding issue
  6. Images and Tables redone for fixing formatting issues and better clarity
  7. Font size increased compared to last year for better viewing
  8. Grammatical and other corrections
  9. Almost every answer suffixed with Answer key for quick reference
  10. CMI/ISI questions are now not part of the book as they will be made in a separate softcopy (will be emailed to the buyers in about 3 months time) and this requires time to make them complete. But all TIFR questions are included in the hardcopy
  11. Direct buy from GO site will be available only till June 20. After this, book will be available in Amazon from July beginning. (Expected price on Amazon will be Rs. 200 extra for their commission)
  12. Book will go for printing next week and should be shipped by last week of June and you can expect in hand by June end.
  13. Please see for last year PDF 
  14. Like last time we have 3 separate books
    1. Volume 1 for Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude
    2. Volume 2 for Algorithms, TOC, Programming & DS and Compilers
    3. Volume 3 for OS, COA, Digital, CN and DBMS
  15. No. of pages are not finalized but on average 650 pages for each book
  16. Total price for 3 books  is Rs. 1300 + Rs. 200 shipping = Rs. 1500
  17. While paying you give your shipping details, and this will be confirmed again by around June 25 via email before books are dispatched
  18. Any queries regarding the book – please comment here only
  19. The codename for this year book is “With Love from GO” and this can be seen in the book
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PayU is completely an external site and we get information only if PayU forwards us. So, if you did not get an email from PayU - it means we also won't have any information.

This should be due to UPI transaction failure. Unlike card transactions UPI failure is bit more troublesome as the return can take more time. But most of these returns are processed automatically and you have to wait a week I guess. You can also contact PayU with the UPI reference number -- this number is not communicated to us by PayU. So, after the success in Google Pay, the webpage got stuck?
Yes after i have done transaction on Google pay the web page of payu got stuck then i refreshed it and it nothing was shown after that it was showing transaction was unsuccessful and no email was sent on my registered email id and google pay transaction was successful so i think it should be processed by payu then only it can reflect in my account, do you know how to register this dispute? I tried to register bbps dispute in google pay with the give upi reference id but was not able to do so. If you have any contact number or email id of payu please let me know as I'm not able to find it, they have written that for refund we have to directly contact the merchant, i hope it get resolved and I'm again going to do the transaction and hope such things won't happen and again thank you sir for taking your time, I appreciate it :)
Please share link to GO 2020 PDF
@arjun Sir . Where can i get GO 2020 PDF ?
I think it will be made available as per GO Schedule and it would be subject wise without solutions. It was said by Arjun Sir.
On payment it is showing transaction failed
Saying again, we do not have any control over the transactions. It is between your card or UPI or Net Banking with your bank and then to PayU. This should be similar to any online transaction with failures due to wrong PIN/CVV 3D verification errors all being possible. Any transaction getting falied here should be auto refunded within 5-7 Working days.

If Transaction is success you'll get a mail from PayU and then only GO has any information of your transaction.
sir how much cost at Amazon? is it around 1700 or around 1500 only with shipping as present it is by post?
Not sure now as they charge the rate based on weight -- which I don't know exactly now. But based on last year rate, it should be 1800+.

The price difference is because this year's books will be 650-700 pages each, better binding with professional stitching and also GST rate became 12% as compared to 5% last year.
Sir,I have done payment on 1 Jun, by which date I will get book ?

I have received confirmation of payment from PayU but none  message or mail from GO.
It is already mentioned as Point Number 12 that this is prebooking and books will be shipped by last week of June only. And PayU email is the confirmation one.
sir by mistake I have given my home address rather of where I currently leave how can I update it sir, please ???
Address will be confirmed again before shipping - please see point 17.
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