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#go_hardcopy_2020 Books are now available on Amazon Prime which you can get by clicking the above link. You can also order directly through us and delivery by Indiapost by clicking the “Pay Now” button at bottom and you'll get tracking ID within 2 working days. 

Major changes compared to last year
  1. GATE 2019 and some other missing questions mainly from TIFR added
  2. Aptitude questions almost doubled as all aptitude questions across all branches are now completely added
  3. Paper quality same as last year but light reflection problem is solved by using Matt finish
  4. QR codes and other features remain the same
  5. Section stitched and perfect binding used – will be like any standard book with no binding issue
  6. Images and Tables redone for fixing formatting issues and better clarity
  7. Font size increased compared to last year for better viewing
  8. Grammatical and other corrections
  9. Almost every answer suffixed with Answer key for quick reference
  10. CMI/ISI questions are now not part of the book as they will be made in a separate softcopy (will be emailed to the buyers in about 3 months time) and this requires time to make them complete. But all TIFR questions are included in the hardcopy
  11. Direct buy from GO site will be available till stocks end which is expected to happen by around August 20.
  12. Please see for last year PDF 
  13. Like last time we have 3 separate books
    1. Volume 1 for Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude
    2. Volume 2 for Algorithms, TOC, Programming & DS and Compilers
    3. Volume 3 for OS, COA, Digital, CN and DBMS
  14. No. of pages are not finalized but on average 650 pages for each book
  15. Total price for 3 books  is Rs. 1400 + Rs. 200 shipping = Rs. 1600
  16. Any queries regarding the book – please comment here only
  17. The codename for this year book is “With Love from GO” and this can be seen in the book

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Sorry, that was missed. You'll get it today.
Please tell me when will the books be back in stock in this website

@Arjun Sir, my parcel has been sent back to Kerala (Anayara SO) today. Please check at your end what went wrong. why it was sent back. 


sir there is humble request sir kindly update the stocks in this website , amazon price is too high i am not left with enough money this month , want to purchase the book in 1600
@Lokesh Thats unfortunate. I have refunded you. You can buy from Amazon, just let me know the order ID once done.
@Pranavcool The book stocks are over and no one is supplying me stock so that it can be updated. 400 books were with Indiapost and that are all over. Rest all are with Amazon prime. Despite the higher amount about 10 people were buying from Amazon for about 1-2 on indiaPost. So, yes most GATE aspirants are rich. The time I spent in replying you if I write some code I'll easily get the "too high" difference of Rs. 350. So, if you do not have money you can very well study from the site -- there is nothing on the book which is not on this site. Or if you want the book you can very well earn the amount in a day or 2 if you work properly.
This book is returned you can enable a pay now option for this book
@Arjun Sir , when can i expect my refund in the bank ? Because only after that i will be able to order.

Refund time depends on the payment mode -- same as any online transaction refund. 2-5 working days.

@PRANAVCOOL The books are returned to Trivandrum and I'm in Bangalore. I'll go there only by September 10. I have to do my work to earn my living. 

@Arjun sir i have not recieved my refund. It has been 5  days !!! 

Sir @Arjun,I have not received the books. It has been stuck in Guwahati PH since 11/08/2019. I have complained via phone call and also lodged a complaint via their website but to no avail. At first I thought the numerous state and central holidays in the month of August had caused the delay. But even after complaining India Post have not responded. Please help.

Consignment Number- CL021368847IN

 Hey try lodging a complaint via Twitter, as I also faced similar situation and then my issue was resolved after complaining via Twitter. 

@Amlan That's unfortunate. I have registered a complaint "Complaint No.10009510516." Lets wait till Monday. Do you have an option to visit your Post Office?

@Arjun Sir i have still not received my refund. It has been 15 days since you refunded. Neither i got the book nor my money now. Please check once

Your refund was initiated on 24 August. It should be in your account -- whichever was used for the payment.


"It should be in your account" - Sir how can it be into my account while it  says "refund initiated" only , not "completed" means it is not complete from your end even after 10 days.  

Have done it. They have said they will look it up.
Sir @Arjun, currently I am not out of station. But I will be able to visit my post office on Monday.

@Lokesh You are correct, but the only thing I can do is "Initiate the refund". Let me check with Payu what is the reason for delay. 

@amlan okay. Hope you get it then.
Sir,i made the purchase of the books as the option to pay has appeared, i live in delhi ,hope i get the books in 1 week
Yes, it should be sent by today.
@pranav your tracking ID is CL012718995IN
Didn't get any email but anyway thanks
My order number came 404/400. Will I get refund or new books would come in stock? Please tell me when can I get book. I need it soon
Don't worry i too got 403 one , i think sir has updated some stocks
Have you contacted them. I want to get book soon
Yes. All orders till today will be dispatched by tomorrow as last 2 days including today are holidays in Kerala.

@Arjun Sir is there a way to mute comments notifications of this thread? The other notifications of the questions that I am following here are getting lost in the flood of notifications of this post. Please take no offense. Thanks

Will add that option. But for now you can edit your previous comments and uncheck - "Email me" option to stop getting emails for this post.

Sir @Arjun, I visited my head post office as well as my local post office yesterday. Both were unable to help me. The head post office checked if there was any missing deliveries and told me that no parcel containing my consigment number has arrived. My local post office also replied in a similar manner. They said as it shows that it is stuck at Guwahati PH they are unable to help. I also told them that my online complaint was closed without giving any help but no satisfactory reply was given by them. I have also complained via twitter to the India Post office twitter handle. Again no help. Sir, please help.

Consignment Number- CL021368847IN

@amlan my complaint was also closed without any satisfactory reply. Such people are bringing disgrace to Indiapost. Anyway all I can do is issue you a refund. Can you share me your UPI ID as otherwise it might take longer time.

Sir @Arjun, my UPI ID is [email protected] 

@Arjun sir, small request from my side.I think you might have started work on cmi,isi questions.IF POSSIBLE,please add qr codes to pdf so that we can take print out of them and solve questions just like hard copy..

you have previously replied to my comment related to this  but i just wanted to remind you.

Thank you

will pdfs be uploaded ?
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