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#go_hardcopy_2020 Please use the PayU button at bottom to order the last few copies


Soft Copies 

  1. GO2020 Vol 1: Questions Only
  2. GO2020 Vol 2: Questions Only
  3. GO2020 Vol 3: Questions Only
  • The soft copies are print ready and contain only questions. You may print it and use the QR code feature to get to the discussions or use it as soft copy and click on the question link to get to the answer/discussion page.
Major changes compared to last year
  1. GATE 2019 and some other missing questions mainly from TIFR added
  2. Aptitude questions almost doubled as all aptitude questions across all branches are now completely added
  3. Paper quality same as last year but light reflection problem is solved by using Matt finish
  4. QR codes and other features remain the same
  5. Section stitched and perfect binding used – will be like any standard book with no binding issue
  6. Images and Tables redone for fixing formatting issues and better clarity
  7. Font size increased compared to last year for better viewing
  8. Grammatical and other corrections
  9. Almost every answer suffixed with Answer key for quick reference
  10. CMI/ISI questions are now not part of the book as they will be made in a separate softcopy (will be emailed to the buyers in about 3 months time) and this requires time to make them complete. But all TIFR questions are included in the hardcopy
  11. Direct buy from GO site will be available till stocks end which is expected to happen by around August 20.
  12. Please see for last year PDF 
  13. Like last time we have 3 separate books
    1. Volume 1 for Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude
    2. Volume 2 for Algorithms, TOC, Programming & DS and Compilers
    3. Volume 3 for OS, COA, Digital, CN and DBMS
  14. No. of pages are not finalized but on average 650 pages for each book 
  15. Any queries regarding the book – please comment here only
  16. The codename for this year book is “With Love from GO” and this can be seen in the book

Buy from here only if IndiaPost delivery is fine at your address. Otherwise books might be returned. Books will be shipped by August 18.
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@Arjun Sir Why TIFR problems is not included in COA Subject?
It is there. But TIFR exam hardly has any COA questions as it is more Theoretical Computer Science though they have good questions on OS
Hi ,
I have some queries regarding this book.
-does this book contain theory concepts about subjects with QnA(with solutions) or just QnA(with solutions)?
-Also could you please suggest some book where i can clear my concepts first and then go into previous years questions and answers. I am doing self study.

Thanks in advance. any leads will be appreciated.

@Arjun sir,

The GO books are not available on Amazon right now. When will it be made available??

Is there any other website from which I can order the books?

Thank you

Actually books are sold out in Amazon. About 20 books are available in Trivandrum but there we have the strictest lockdown in India with not even parcel services operating and it's already 2 weeks which is now extended for 10 more days. Only when this is over -- no one knows when -- the 20 books can be made available.
Please let us know once the book is available.
I want to buy GO book hardcopy.But in amazon i can't able to get it.As it it out of stock.Can somebody tell from where GO book hardcopy is available?
I have added the PayU button for purchase. But books can be posted only by August 18.
August 18 will be the last date for the unused book. I mean entire stick will be over. But Amazon now allows used books to be sold on their site. So, anyone can sell their used copies like that.
Sir, I have paid for gate 2021 hard copy of gate over flow previous year question bank 9 days ago. It has been told that books will be sent by 18 August. And i will receive tracking number within 3 days. But till now I have not received any tracking number.And there is no reply of my mail
Sorry, that mail sent automatically was by mistake. As mentioned on the blog, the shipping will happen next week only.
Is gateoverflow hard copy available now?