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#go_hardcopy_2020 Books are now available on Amazon Prime which you can get by clicking the above link.

Soft Copies 

  1. GO2020 Vol 1: Questions Only
  2. GO2020 Vol 2: Questions Only
  3. GO2020 Vol 3: Questions Only
  • The soft copies are print ready and contain only questions. You may print it and use the QR code feature to get to the discussions or use it as soft copy and click on the question link to get to the answer/discussion page.
Major changes compared to last year
  1. GATE 2019 and some other missing questions mainly from TIFR added
  2. Aptitude questions almost doubled as all aptitude questions across all branches are now completely added
  3. Paper quality same as last year but light reflection problem is solved by using Matt finish
  4. QR codes and other features remain the same
  5. Section stitched and perfect binding used – will be like any standard book with no binding issue
  6. Images and Tables redone for fixing formatting issues and better clarity
  7. Font size increased compared to last year for better viewing
  8. Grammatical and other corrections
  9. Almost every answer suffixed with Answer key for quick reference
  10. CMI/ISI questions are now not part of the book as they will be made in a separate softcopy (will be emailed to the buyers in about 3 months time) and this requires time to make them complete. But all TIFR questions are included in the hardcopy
  11. Direct buy from GO site will be available till stocks end which is expected to happen by around August 20.
  12. Please see for last year PDF 
  13. Like last time we have 3 separate books
    1. Volume 1 for Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude
    2. Volume 2 for Algorithms, TOC, Programming & DS and Compilers
    3. Volume 3 for OS, COA, Digital, CN and DBMS
  14. No. of pages are not finalized but on average 650 pages for each book 
  15. Any queries regarding the book – please comment here only
  16. The codename for this year book is “With Love from GO” and this can be seen in the book

Buy from here only if IndiaPost delivery is fine at your address. Otherwise books might be returned.
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will pdfs be uploaded ?
Is go book still available,I want to buy it

Feedback for next edition (if ever there's going to be one) : Quite small diagrams in Digital Logic questions. An example below.

sir soft copy available  date  ?

@Arjun sir, Will GO 2020 pdfs made available? Sir it's a humble request please provide GO 2020 pdfs. Thank You.

@Arjun sir cmi/isi pdf is not received yet  please make it as soon as possible it will be helpful

Is  Go book still available in Rs 1600 .I want to buy.
Yes sir the pdf is not yet given , lease provide it
I have seen isi questions and lot of them were un answered. May be that's the reason for delay.I think it would be better if we answer some questions..


No, I think it has nothing to do with it.

Anyhow the book will contain only pyq gate questions.

Oh sorry i thought the pdf was of cmi,isi questions... 

Previous year pdfs are now uploaded

PDFs of 3 Volumes are now updated. Next will be CMI/ISI followed by ISRO. CMI/ISI will also be questions only. For ISRO will add a answer key block showing answer keys.
@arjun sir but u called about providing the pdfs of isi and cmi question to those students who have bought the Go pdf as hard copy what about that sir???
@Arjun sir , Is there any page or something where we can write corrections that need to be done in GO 2020 book ?
Are the answers also present ?
Answers are present on GO hardcopy and that is why it has 3 volumes.

For the ISI/CMI, answers wont be there but links will be there to GO discussions as answers are not fully verified. Also, the number of questions in this book is many times as compared to last year. This should be completed in next 10 days.
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