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#go_hardcopy_2020 Please use the PayU button at bottom to order the last few copies


Soft Copies 

  1. GO2020 Vol 1: Questions Only
  2. GO2020 Vol 2: Questions Only
  3. GO2020 Vol 3: Questions Only
  • The soft copies are print ready and contain only questions. You may print it and use the QR code feature to get to the discussions or use it as soft copy and click on the question link to get to the answer/discussion page.
Major changes compared to last year
  1. GATE 2019 and some other missing questions mainly from TIFR added
  2. Aptitude questions almost doubled as all aptitude questions across all branches are now completely added
  3. Paper quality same as last year but light reflection problem is solved by using Matt finish
  4. QR codes and other features remain the same
  5. Section stitched and perfect binding used – will be like any standard book with no binding issue
  6. Images and Tables redone for fixing formatting issues and better clarity
  7. Font size increased compared to last year for better viewing
  8. Grammatical and other corrections
  9. Almost every answer suffixed with Answer key for quick reference
  10. CMI/ISI questions are now not part of the book as they will be made in a separate softcopy (will be emailed to the buyers in about 3 months time) and this requires time to make them complete. But all TIFR questions are included in the hardcopy
  11. Direct buy from GO site will be available till stocks end which is expected to happen by around August 20.
  12. Please see for last year PDF 
  13. Like last time we have 3 separate books
    1. Volume 1 for Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude
    2. Volume 2 for Algorithms, TOC, Programming & DS and Compilers
    3. Volume 3 for OS, COA, Digital, CN and DBMS
  14. No. of pages are not finalized but on average 650 pages for each book 
  15. Any queries regarding the book – please comment here only
  16. The codename for this year book is “With Love from GO” and this can be seen in the book

Buy from here only if IndiaPost delivery is fine at your address. Otherwise books might be returned. Books will be shipped by August 18.
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Will the books be shipped by India post or any other service will be used? Last year people had issues with speed post service.

I guess prime members will still have to pay delivery charges for this.
Sir, There is no option of Amazon pay in wallet payments. Is there any way to pay from Amazon?

@vinay chauhan Most likely we will use India Post only because even last year overall their delivery was good and the failed delivery number was about 2%. Also since December they have improved their service to make every delivery within a week. 

@Sathuri Bharath PayU is an external service and they may not support Amazon Pay. 

Sir, i can book this upto 20 th june na because I'm not confirmed with my address that where will i be on the delivery time at my hometown or college place .....


So i could make my decisions upto 15th June. Can we do it ??  Is there no any chance of maximum order reached ?
Should be fine. But as told delivery address can be changed till June 25. There will be a confirmation email before books are shipped and you can reply your changed address.
What about GO-PDF 2019.?

It is mentioned in

@Arjun Sir,  In GO hardcopy 2020, all engg.  Maths(calculus,probability,linear algebra) questions across all branches are added or not? 

No. For engineering mathematics it is CS only. For General Aptitude it is all branches.
Sir, Can we get softcopy of this book also???
Probably not. This years book will be better mainly in look and feel. There are many corrections including formatting issues from last year, but these could have been easily figured out if one is careful. In terms of content Volume 1 has gone a major change -- addition of more than 300 questions -- this you can see from site or from soft copy. This years softcopy will be only questions with link to the answers if required.

> This years softcopy will be only questions with link to the answers if required.


@Arjun is there a reason for removing answers from soft copy? It is convenient to use the PDF as it was for 2019 version. 


Of course anyone can use 2019 version if they want to, but I just thought having "convincing" answer offline and just a click away is one of the mind blowing features of the GO PDF. 

Yes, because most people just by heart them. And as you told one can use 2019 PDF.

@Arjun Sir, on the PayU's payment page, maximum address length is set to 80 characters. I am unable to fill my complete address within this limit.

So is there any other way to provide full address now or I should wait till the confirmation email?

Yes, you can wait till then as we are not processing the address before that. Not sure why PayU has this limit 😥
Ok. Thank you.

Btw, 80 length limit is used at several other places too - standard width for code wrapping in many IDEs, default terminal width.

But as you said, no reason for PayU to put this.
@Arjun sir, I have done the transaction through google pay upi but haven't recieved any confirmation from payu, can you confirmed that you have received the 1500rs ?Upi reference number is : 915711783724
PayU is completely an external site and we get information only if PayU forwards us. So, if you did not get an email from PayU - it means we also won't have any information.

This should be due to UPI transaction failure. Unlike card transactions UPI failure is bit more troublesome as the return can take more time. But most of these returns are processed automatically and you have to wait a week I guess. You can also contact PayU with the UPI reference number -- this number is not communicated to us by PayU. So, after the success in Google Pay, the webpage got stuck?
Yes after i have done transaction on Google pay the web page of payu got stuck then i refreshed it and it nothing was shown after that it was showing transaction was unsuccessful and no email was sent on my registered email id and google pay transaction was successful so i think it should be processed by payu then only it can reflect in my account, do you know how to register this dispute? I tried to register bbps dispute in google pay with the give upi reference id but was not able to do so. If you have any contact number or email id of payu please let me know as I'm not able to find it, they have written that for refund we have to directly contact the merchant, i hope it get resolved and I'm again going to do the transaction and hope such things won't happen and again thank you sir for taking your time, I appreciate it :)
Please share link to GO 2020 PDF
@arjun Sir . Where can i get GO 2020 PDF ?
I think it will be made available as per GO Schedule and it would be subject wise without solutions. It was said by Arjun Sir.
On payment it is showing transaction failed
Saying again, we do not have any control over the transactions. It is between your card or UPI or Net Banking with your bank and then to PayU. This should be similar to any online transaction with failures due to wrong PIN/CVV 3D verification errors all being possible. Any transaction getting falied here should be auto refunded within 5-7 Working days.

If Transaction is success you'll get a mail from PayU and then only GO has any information of your transaction.
sir how much cost at Amazon? is it around 1700 or around 1500 only with shipping as present it is by post?
Not sure now as they charge the rate based on weight -- which I don't know exactly now. But based on last year rate, it should be 1800+.

The price difference is because this year's books will be 650-700 pages each, better binding with professional stitching and also GST rate became 12% as compared to 5% last year.
Sir,I have done payment on 1 Jun, by which date I will get book ?

I have received confirmation of payment from PayU but none  message or mail from GO.
It is already mentioned as Point Number 12 that this is prebooking and books will be shipped by last week of June only. And PayU email is the confirmation one.
sir by mistake I have given my home address rather of where I currently leave how can I update it sir, please ???
Address will be confirmed again before shipping - please see point 17.
Sir , my payment id is  250986176  could you please confirm the payment i have got the text message as well from PayU but not any email
Payment ID itself confirms the order.
Can two people order gohard copy at same address?
Yes. Address is not a candidate key 😊

@Arjun sir, in hard copy will the most appropriate answer will be given below the questions, or the answer will be present at the end of the book?

Layout is similar to last years. Each topic will have questions followed by their answers -- not immediately below. For each subject a new block is added for the syllabus and the previous year mark distribution for current syllabus. This is a new addition.
@arjun sir, actually i dont know about previous layout, as i am ordering it for the first time. Sir so can you please give me a idea, where the explanation of answers will be given?

You can see the softcopy here of last year. There are a lot of changes, but overall layout is mostly the same.

Hi Mr. Arjun,

I'm Pravallika, made payment for books on June 15th and received mail from PayU. When can I expect the books. Will there be any delay if I made the delay in the payment.
Please let me know soon.


It'll take another 10 days to ship. First shipping will be for first 200 books.

hello Arjun Sir ,

I made payment for books on June 5 .i got mail that my payment is successful .But didnt get any mail regading book confirmation

Payment ID 250494015


Payment successful mail is equivalent to order confirmation.
sir when should I expect email for address change and shipping??payment done at 6 day ago
Please read above comments
If anybody residing in Mumbai and want GO hard copy of year 2017-18 edition they can get it from me. I only have one copy of each three parts and there is no hidden cost, it's free from my side.
@Arjun sir, you said in the post that one can order hardcopy from here till 20th june. can I order it today ? also payment link is active. p.s. today is 22nd june.
Yes, just updated it.
Is it still available ? Can I order it now ?
Arjun sir,will the pdf's you send for cmi,isi questions contain the qr code to resources or will they be just normal pdf??
i thought go pdf is more helpful than any hardcopy book cause it have direct access to question discussion we don't need to type it on Google. for this reason i am thinking not buy hardcopy but i already paid for it .. is there is any way to cancel the booking ??
That's why there's QR code. Anyway you can reply back to the address confirmation mail which will be send next week to cancel your order.
The CMI, ISI PDF will be having links which can be clicked. Hence, no need of QR codes. QR codes are specific to hardcopy.
when will I get my book delivered ?
But sir, i wanted to take a printout of that pdf while practicing as it will be difficult solve questions from pdf directly.. so i think it would be helpful if the pdf has qr codes..

@Arjun Sir you posted a preview of the GO book in the facebook group. As I am not on facebook I request to you to post the link in here too and also any such future updates previews also here.

@ishu_ by first week of July.

@chirudeepnamini will see when we make it.

@N will add tonight. 

for address change, to whom we have to mail? As I ignored that mail which said this but now the delivery is beyond 15th july, I will not be present at the address given so that's why. TIA.
Delivery is not beyond July 15 for first 200 orders. You'll get address confirmation email this week -- can simply reply back to it.
Sir till when i cn get my GO 2020 hardcopy. I cnt able to track my order. Plzz mail me [email protected] .

As m nt using fb so plzzz give me info via mail...

Hi I have made the payment on June 5th for the hardcopy.But still I didn't get the email regarding the delivery.Can you please look into this once.

Thanks in Advance.

You all will get the email tonight.
how to buy these books sir??? can we buy from amazon
Ordering is stopped for now. Will resume after a week once. Amazon will take some more time.

@Arjun Sir, I made an order for GO 2020. My home is in Patna, Bihar. Now, I am at home due to semester break. I have to leave my home by 27th July for my college which is located in Jaipur. Will the book be delivered to me before that? Please confirm.

why the volume 1 has 299 pages instead of around 650 pages as mentioned?
Rajat Maheshwari where did you get vol 1(soft copy) for Gate 2020???

@Saurav Kishore July 15 date given is the worst case. So you should be getting before that.

@Rajat That's a question only draft of volume 1. Only the questions will be same in the hardcopy. 

@Arjun sir, This time Vol-1 contains only qsn. for softcopy. No answer??
Hardcopy has the answers na?
Yes. Isn't this told already?
@Arjun sir , Softcopy kb tk available hogi ?
Please do not repeat questions. Everything is already answered.

Booking is again open now.
didnt get any address confirmtion mail yet .It has been one month :(
Everyone was sent a mail regarding the delay. Didn't you get it?
Please edit point number 12 as it says we can expect in hand by the end of june but shipping is scheduled on 15th july.
Done 👍

"For GATE2020 softcopy will be made available subjectwise and as per GO classroom schedule"

Schedule already started, no?. Is it available already?, Am i missing something ?

Sir what's the status regarding dispatch of the books?
Is second slot of booking still available?
There is no info or email regarding the dispatch in delay of books. Please let me know if any delay or any change in schedule for the dispatch of books. In sets wise.

Thank you
Everyone was sent an email couple of weeks back. If you haven't got it, can you tell your payment ID?
Payment id - 252311786

Even I got confirmation mail too from PayU

Please check and acknowledge

Thank you
sir if i pay now ,by when shall i be receiving the books?

@Pravallika0108 You were sent an email on June 24. Please see Spam too. Being in first set of orders your book is expected to be shipped by July 15. Exact date will be told within a week. 

@Subhajit It should be around July 31. 

@Arjun, Thank you, received an email on jun 24 regarding the delay.

When will I receive email for address confirmation. Please give an approximate date. So that I will not miss this time to reply back for confirmation.
Will be informing that by coming Tuesday or Wednesday as I'm awaiting the exact date from the press.

sir I purchased gate overflow book last year .....and by scanning QR codes many links are not can check also will display page not found...............then what is the meaning of QR code in book...

example see

The QR codes were tested and all of them should be working. How did you get "?" in the URL? The above question is in Vol2 and I just checked last year book - the QR code is working fine. "?" must be replaced by "/". But last year in Vol 1 about 16 pages the QR code were not working due to darkness issue. Everywhere else it should be working fine.

my QR code is not working then how could be yours...i replaced ? by slash i mistakenly written that................i scanned it through good app...if you dont want to believe ...see another is happening right in front of me all QR codes are not working.....mainly of CMI....



example see

What not working? this is the above URL. If it is not working how are you getting the URL

i am getting this URL by scanning QR code from the book.....i am sorry let's not extend it further.... I thought you will correct it.....but you are questioning me.... I can send you snapshot too.....



QR code is only to give you the link and you are getting that -- so you shouldnt say QR code is not working. 

Now, the link you got is working fine for me. So, that also is not a problem. 

Probably you have set in your account page - only to view Previous GATE questions.

ok i will see ......i actually told about page not be my bad.....QR code is working fine problem in that...............ok i will see that........

can you tell me to modify my account settings......


You can see the bottom of this page:

thanks, sir problem got solved.....sorry once again.....looking forward to buying GO book the 2020........last year I purchased from Amazon......

Great. You're welcome.
I have not get any confirmation mail for the book which i have order on 23rd june...My payment Id is 254141013.Please drop one mail regarding the status.
Got an email from Gate overflow saying there is still delay in the dispatch. Kindly share us the soft copy for all volumes atleast we can prepare that.

Thank you
sir its a kind request/ suggestion that people like me who are not going to cancel the order anyways ...should be provided with all the softcopies/ pdf of the new gate book ...... as earlier I personally had made my schedule ..covering the previous year questions from this book once it is delivered ...if you provide us i will be very thankful to you sir

you have previous year gate overflow pdf's no? @ . i think soft copies are made availble usually in august or so. no need to delay solving probs!

when will the gate overflow 2020 softcopy will be available?
yes. You can make use of last year PDFs as more than 80% of the content will be the same for volumes 2 and 3 and any changes you can anyway see on the site. We'll be working on the volume 3 almost until the books go for printing and there is practically no time to make the softcopies until then which will be early next week. After that will start the softcopy work -- but how much time it takes depends on the errors we'll get on the way.
I have not get any confirmation mail for the book which i have order on 28rd june...My payment Id is 256060571.Please drop one mail regarding the status.
If you have paymentid -- thats the confirmation.
Sir i cancel the order 2 days ago due to the delay issues but stil didn't got money refunded.
All those who requested were refunded immediately. Whats your payment id ?
Sir my payment id is 251916683
okay. How exactly did you try canceling? Because I havent got any information.
Sir i got a mail regarding more delays and in that  mail it was written if you want to cancel you can reply cancel and i replied cancel....
Strange, no email was received here from your email id. Anyway I have canceled it now.
Sir when it will be available in amazon?
Just confirmed the shipping dates. So the above dates given should be final. Between August 10-15 it should reach Amazon. From then it'll only be available on Amazon. Price on Amazon will be 1950 including shipping with prime delivery.
Sir, just like ISI and CMI questions and answers, will all the previous years' ISRO questions and answers also be provided in a separate soft copy to the buyers?
Making ISRO PDF should be easy but they are insignificant for GATE preparation. Will see after a week when we decide the pipeline of things to do.

@Arjun Sir, I have make payment for the book but i haven't get confirmation.

My transaction id is:- P1907141925553918924609


Even though the pre booking is closed...if i go ahead and pay for the books..will that confirm the booking or should I wait for the next round of pre booking
sir .I recvd a mail which states

"Your transaction has succeeded and order is confirmed. As this is a prebooking, please wait till July 31 for getting the Tracking details. Incase you need a change in shipping address, please reply back to the address confirmation email which you will get between 20-27 July"

By when shall i be recving the books most probably ? @Arjun sir
It was said that there will be an address verification done between 10 to 20 th of july but i didnt receive any such mail fir address verification for GO 2020 book..

@kriti05 even I got the same mail, I think the best thing is to wait until 20th. 

@kriti05 can you please tell me when did you got the email. I didn't receive any mail  regarding the one you said. May be I might have missed.

Please let me know anyone who got the mail

Thank you
Hi, the previous email was sent to only those who booked in the first slot which was till around June 20. But all those who booked till now will get address confirmation email by Saturday. Books will be dispatched as told in the post description.
i did not get any address confirmation mail though i booked in first slot
@Arjun Will it be possible to add if a question is one mark or two mark question for the soft-copy? Or it's unnecessary / redundant? Or there's way to know this already in 2019 version and I'm missing something. I'd like to suggest if it's possible and not going to take much extra work. Thank you.

 there's way to know this already in 2019 version and I'm missing something. I'd like to suggest if it's possible and not going to take much extra work.

As due to late in delivery we are using old GO Softcopy.So, this suggestion would be great help for checking missing questions new GO Softcopy.


@Arjun, Sir the address confirmation email I received only shows the Pincode, not the detailed address I have given, Will the GO book delivered at my given detailed address?
@arjun sir is it possible to reconfirm address after reply of address change so get sure that address is successfully changed

@Arjun sir, I am yet to get the address confirmation email. Apologies if you meant by next saturday, I waited for this saturday actually. Can you kindly confirm.

yeah me too.
I did not get the address confirmation mail.
I booked on June 30.
Can you check your Spam too? Address confirmation mail was sent to everyone who booked till yesterday.

Yes, since a lot of people have address change, will be sending a mail once again by Wednesday after doing the changes to ensure no mistake.
Dear Respected Sir,

If I pre-book now i.e.22 July will it be considered for Third Round?

Or The booking is closed now?

@Arjun Sir

I checked my spam .Did not get it.

Payment ID=256670735

@Anmol 300 books will be dispatched this month and rest will have a delay of a week. Due to 3-4 cancellations you should be within 300 only.

@Doraemon You won't get email if you enter "gamil" instead of "gmail". I have corrected it now - you should get the mail on Wednesday. 

@Arjun sir i have booked for GO book 2020 today i.e, 24 july 2019.

when can i expect it's shipment and how to track my order please reply sir
Those who order this week should get the tracking email by next week around same day.
Sir will i get any tracking number of courier as i think book is shipped as it is 27th July?
Yes. Tracking number will be sent by Monday night or Tuesday as mentioned in the mail.

@Arjun sir, I didn't got any address confirmation mail and then later on my case was resolved by mailing directly to the gatecse email. So wanna ask once the books are shipped/dispatched are we going to get acknowledgement mails about the same , along with Tracking number ? 

Yes. You'll get that.
Thanks sir :)
tracking number for first dispatch is not yet received  when it will be shipped and tracking number will be sent to mail
It was communicated that tracking email will be sent by today night or tomorrow rt? 100 people would have got it by now. Rest will get it tomorrow.
Thank You Sir for all the efforts you put in for us. Brilliant stuff.
Means you have got it??

@Arjun sir i haven't got any tracking of shipment mail till......Whether I had ordered in the first lott that is on 5th of june??? 

Anyone received tracking ID ?

@jk_1 yeah i received it today .

when u ordered the books ?
On 30th June.
shipment ka live tracking show kar rha hai kya sabka???
No, me not
Yeah , its showing consignment details not found.
Its the problem of IndiaPost server. It should start working once the shipment reaches the next postoffice - should be by today or tomorrow.
Can I still buy Go Hardcopy for GATE-2020 or the Sale is Closed?
Arjun sir, in the mail related to tracking id, it was mentioned that estimated delivery time is 4-8 it from the shipping date or from the day you sent tracking id??
@Arjun sir still i could not track the shipment. what could be the problem?. i booked on 28th june in 2nd slot. delivery date was before 31 july but still there is no information about tracking.
Sir, My GO was dispatched in 26th July Slot, still the India Post Website is displaying "Consignment details not found" .
Today some people - mostly in South India got the delivery and at the same time tracking started working. So, for North and East India it should start working by tomorrow or Monday when the item reaches the postoffice near you. Unfortunately IndiaPost doesnt allow me or anyone to fix their network issue.
@Arjun sir

i didn't  get tracking id n any mail . while  my courier dispatch date is 2 Aug... when can i expect it's shipment and how to track my order please reply sir

@Arjun i received Books after a long waiting time... Today...thank you soo much.



now tracking work properly
@arjun sir i also didn't  get tracking id in my mail. I placed order on 31 July and got confirmation mail also same day.
Tracking is working fine now.And its on the predicted timeline.
Those who have ordered till today morning will get tracking email on Monday or Tuesday. Those who order from now, will get tracking email within 3 working days till the remaining 40 books are over. After that books will be in Amazon only (from August 12).

@Arjun Sir, I received GO book today. It's just AWESOME. Thnx a lot. ☺

You are welcome 👍
I have order the go hardcopy on 1Aug,2019 ,but not recieved any confirmation regarding shipping .

Can any one help me out.
All those who ordered till yesterday will get tracking email by tonight. We have ready stocks only now. So those who order now will get tracking email within 1-3 working days.
Tracking emails are sent for all orders till today morning.
Received at Nagothane(near panvel, Navi Mumbai). Thanks a lot Arjun Sir!
Received at Noida (New Delhi) .Thnks a lot Sir
Thank you @Arjun sir for such a wonderful books.
Received the books today at Dhanbad, Jharkhand. Thank You Sir.
Received the book today,have been waiting since May. Thanks alot @Arjun Sir.
Sir can I order by tomorrow?
Glad most people got it and liked the books.

33 books are left with Indiapost as of now. If you order you should be getting tracking ID within 2 working days. But please enter proper address "to house/apartment" and not just village or town.
i am so upset sir , my parcel is stuck at a place since 3rd August . Its over 7 days now and i have not received my stuff yet :-(
Which place?
Sir, I have ordered today.. Samiul Haque. Within how many days will I get the package ?

On 5th Aug , I got the Go book, prebooked on June 1, books pages quality , binding and also cover page is really awesome.

I went to my area post office to receive my parcel to avoid any circumstances.

Thanks @Arjun for the books.

Received book in pune.. really awesome quality of book's page, printing and binding.

Just started from practicing previous year questions from it now😀

Thanks Arjun sir for your great effort.
Raniganj ,west bengal PIN -713358
Can u buy today from website?

@Arjun sir, I have made the payment on the 7th Aug'19. till when i can expect information regarding shipping details and tracking id?

Payment ID 266378399
You would have already got the tracking ID rt?

@Subhajit Tracking shows that it is at "Searsole Rajbari SO" since 06/08. Probably you can contact your postman if there is any issue.
i have received it sir ! So glad ! Thanks for the wonderful gift !
I received the parcel now after 4 days its arrival at my nearest Post Office.I think its because of rain.Glad that books are in perfect condition.Thanks GO team.
Sir it is no consignment(id:CL0213697)

showing on indian post website.payment id


@Arjun Sir can we still Order from IndiaPost? all Three volumes combined?

@sandeep it'll take 3-4 days to be updated as mentioned in the tracking email sent.

@someearth yes, but better do it next week only as due to floods I'm not sure if packages are moving fine.

@Arjun Sir I've ordered on 8 August and I also received consignment no. But since then in Indian post tracking it shows : Consignment details not found. 

Consignment ID : CL021375936IN

And email id : [email protected] 



Only when they update it'll come -- what can I do here? The delay is probably due to holidays.
Nah I just meant, maybe consignment no. was mistyped or something like that. No worries!

@Arjun Sir, I ordered on 31st july. From tracking i checked my book is stuck at a wrong postal office since 5 days. It is not moving further. I have to register an online complaint with India Post which requires  details like sender name,address, source post office pincode & booking date . please provide me the details so that i can register the complaint. Payment Id 264730122  tracking id CL021368864IN. Please help sir. email- [email protected]

@shashankpal That wont happen because it is copy pasted from system. This delay was for everyone - mostly due to holidays in South India. 

@Lokesh Sender detail is as follows: "GATE Overflow, Surabi, Anayara, Trivandrum". Sender PO: "Business Parcel Center Trivandrum". Booking dat will be the one on which you got your tracking email. Usually, if the PO is wrong, it should get to right one in 5-6 days. You can give the complaint, but should be getting by Monday i suppose. 

Why no pay now option is showing , i wanted to buy the books

@PRANAVCOOL by the time i ordered the GO-BOOK(from here using pay link on 13th aug) mine order no was 384/400 (only 16 were left ) so you can guess maybe the stock is already finished.

But on Amazon the stock is there and a way too expensive, will the option to buy return this month or not
Yes. Stock is over with Indiapost.
Sir please update your stocks, when it will be back
received the GO books in good conditions!! thanks
Can you tell me when the stock will be back in this website

@Arjun Sir, i have still not received my book. It has been 17 days.  it was booked on 5th aug. The address i gave is of panchkula Haryana. On 10th august It reached to ambala Haryana  (which is just 25 km from my address). i thought it will reach to me in next 2 days. But to my horror, they sent it away to Solan Himachal Pardesh on 13 august. There is no logic behind sending it to HP. because that is in opposite direction. i waited to have some update but since 13 aug there is no update in the tracking. I talked to customer care but they did not have any clue about this they just recited the tracking details to me ,  I registered an online complaint but they closed it without giving any solution (complaint no. 10009473482), tried the solan post office contact no. but no one picked. 

Please help me sir either register a complaint with your post office about non delivery of parcel or something else. but i want my books.  pls share your contact no or email id for further coordination.

Tracking Id :- CL021368864IN  email - [email protected] 


I have given a complaint (Complaint No. 10009484816). Hope you should get by Monday.
sir, i ordered go hardcopy 2020 on 17th aug. its been 7days but i didn't get any tracking details yet.

my address is: university of hyderabad, south campus ,mens hostel L, 500046
Sorry, that was missed. You'll get it today.
Please tell me when will the books be back in stock in this website

@Arjun Sir, my parcel has been sent back to Kerala (Anayara SO) today. Please check at your end what went wrong. why it was sent back. 


sir there is humble request sir kindly update the stocks in this website , amazon price is too high i am not left with enough money this month , want to purchase the book in 1600
@Lokesh Thats unfortunate. I have refunded you. You can buy from Amazon, just let me know the order ID once done.
@Pranavcool The book stocks are over and no one is supplying me stock so that it can be updated. 400 books were with Indiapost and that are all over. Rest all are with Amazon prime. Despite the higher amount about 10 people were buying from Amazon for about 1-2 on indiaPost. So, yes most GATE aspirants are rich. The time I spent in replying you if I write some code I'll easily get the "too high" difference of Rs. 350. So, if you do not have money you can very well study from the site -- there is nothing on the book which is not on this site. Or if you want the book you can very well earn the amount in a day or 2 if you work properly.
This book is returned you can enable a pay now option for this book
@Arjun Sir , when can i expect my refund in the bank ? Because only after that i will be able to order.

Refund time depends on the payment mode -- same as any online transaction refund. 2-5 working days.

@PRANAVCOOL The books are returned to Trivandrum and I'm in Bangalore. I'll go there only by September 10. I have to do my work to earn my living. 

@Arjun sir i have not recieved my refund. It has been 5  days !!! 

Sir @Arjun,I have not received the books. It has been stuck in Guwahati PH since 11/08/2019. I have complained via phone call and also lodged a complaint via their website but to no avail. At first I thought the numerous state and central holidays in the month of August had caused the delay. But even after complaining India Post have not responded. Please help.

Consignment Number- CL021368847IN

 Hey try lodging a complaint via Twitter, as I also faced similar situation and then my issue was resolved after complaining via Twitter. 

@Amlan That's unfortunate. I have registered a complaint "Complaint No.10009510516." Lets wait till Monday. Do you have an option to visit your Post Office?

@Arjun Sir i have still not received my refund. It has been 15 days since you refunded. Neither i got the book nor my money now. Please check once

Your refund was initiated on 24 August. It should be in your account -- whichever was used for the payment.


"It should be in your account" - Sir how can it be into my account while it  says "refund initiated" only , not "completed" means it is not complete from your end even after 10 days.  

Have done it. They have said they will look it up.
Sir @Arjun, currently I am not out of station. But I will be able to visit my post office on Monday.

@Lokesh You are correct, but the only thing I can do is "Initiate the refund". Let me check with Payu what is the reason for delay. 

@amlan okay. Hope you get it then.
Sir,i made the purchase of the books as the option to pay has appeared, i live in delhi ,hope i get the books in 1 week
Yes, it should be sent by today.
@pranav your tracking ID is CL012718995IN
Didn't get any email but anyway thanks
My order number came 404/400. Will I get refund or new books would come in stock? Please tell me when can I get book. I need it soon
Don't worry i too got 403 one , i think sir has updated some stocks
Have you contacted them. I want to get book soon
Yes. All orders till today will be dispatched by tomorrow as last 2 days including today are holidays in Kerala.

@Arjun Sir is there a way to mute comments notifications of this thread? The other notifications of the questions that I am following here are getting lost in the flood of notifications of this post. Please take no offense. Thanks

Will add that option. But for now you can edit your previous comments and uncheck - "Email me" option to stop getting emails for this post.

Sir @Arjun, I visited my head post office as well as my local post office yesterday. Both were unable to help me. The head post office checked if there was any missing deliveries and told me that no parcel containing my consigment number has arrived. My local post office also replied in a similar manner. They said as it shows that it is stuck at Guwahati PH they are unable to help. I also told them that my online complaint was closed without giving any help but no satisfactory reply was given by them. I have also complained via twitter to the India Post office twitter handle. Again no help. Sir, please help.

Consignment Number- CL021368847IN

@amlan my complaint was also closed without any satisfactory reply. Such people are bringing disgrace to Indiapost. Anyway all I can do is issue you a refund. Can you share me your UPI ID as otherwise it might take longer time.

Sir @Arjun, my UPI ID is [email protected] 

@Arjun sir, small request from my side.I think you might have started work on cmi,isi questions.IF POSSIBLE,please add qr codes to pdf so that we can take print out of them and solve questions just like hard copy..

you have previously replied to my comment related to this  but i just wanted to remind you.

Thank you

will pdfs be uploaded ?
Is go book still available,I want to buy it

Feedback for next edition (if ever there's going to be one) : Quite small diagrams in Digital Logic questions. An example below.

sir soft copy available  date  ?

@Arjun sir, Will GO 2020 pdfs made available? Sir it's a humble request please provide GO 2020 pdfs. Thank You.

@Arjun sir cmi/isi pdf is not received yet  please make it as soon as possible it will be helpful

Is  Go book still available in Rs 1600 .I want to buy.
Yes sir the pdf is not yet given , lease provide it
I have seen isi questions and lot of them were un answered. May be that's the reason for delay.I think it would be better if we answer some questions..


No, I think it has nothing to do with it.

Anyhow the book will contain only pyq gate questions.

Oh sorry i thought the pdf was of cmi,isi questions... 

Previous year pdfs are now uploaded

PDFs of 3 Volumes are now updated. Next will be CMI/ISI followed by ISRO. CMI/ISI will also be questions only. For ISRO will add a answer key block showing answer keys.
@arjun sir but u called about providing the pdfs of isi and cmi question to those students who have bought the Go pdf as hard copy what about that sir???
@Arjun sir , Is there any page or something where we can write corrections that need to be done in GO 2020 book ?
Are the answers also present ?
Answers are present on GO hardcopy and that is why it has 3 volumes.

For the ISI/CMI, answers wont be there but links will be there to GO discussions as answers are not fully verified. Also, the number of questions in this book is many times as compared to last year. This should be completed in next 10 days.
The GO2020 pdf contains some images which are not clear and some part of texts from questions like in TOC a^n somewhere n is missing.
True i even noticed
Can you show an example?

Here near highlighted portion

final and non final states are unclear

Oh. Not sure why no one informed earlier. Will remake this PDF. It is only with volume 2 right?
Sir, from whatever I have solved I only found it in Volume 2. But if someone has gone through each and every other parts of all volumes, they can be the ones to confirm this.
Yes some more questions are there i think

@Arjun sir,

I bought GO 2020 hardcopy in first slot but I haven't get any mail of CMI / ISI question pfd.Am I only one who haven't got mail or pdf is not ready?

@Arjun sir ,

I also bought GO 2020 hardcopy but I haven't get any mail of CMI / ISI question pfd.

ISI/CMI PDF is still not ready. You can get the current draft here

Sir how much more time needed
it'll take 3-4 days but for most purpose you can use the above draft as 90% it will remain the same. And volume 2 PDF is now updated - you can redownload.
Arjun sir, plz provide go book through FLIPKART.

Its showing currently unavailable. Plz update more quantities on flipkart. So we can buy from flipkart.

Not in my hands. Flipkart is showing my location as Bangalore and it has been 2 weeks since I had requested to change to Trivandrum where the books are present. The request keeps on transferring from one CC executive to another without any useful answer.
Ok sir.

Actually pricing on Flipkart is 200 less than Amazon. So I asked.

I hope flipkart will solve your issue.
Not really. It was excluding shipping I guess. Anyway no hope with flipkart - their CC replies once in a week.
@Arjun sir isi,cmi pdf ready ??

@Arjun Sir , Does aptitude section in volume 1 has questions from all branches or CS only? Anyone else know this?

@Gaganjot _Kaur

Vol1 contains all branches aptitude questions $(NA + VA)$ from $2010$ to $2019$

@ Sir, In your GO2020 Vol 3: Questions Only book, there is no marks distribution table for any subjects. Can you please add the Mark Distribution in Previous GATE Paper Table in GO2020 Vol - 3 book onlyIt will be really helpful.
2nd point, can you please add missing ISRO questions in your GO2020 soft copy, it will be very much beneficial.
Thanks in Advance...!!!

Mark distribution for Volume 3 is at the end of book.

ISRO questions are not useful for GATE. ISRO+NET is a different book but not yet done.
Sir, where can I get (ISI + CMI) pdf?
How much time will it take to be ready the (ISRO + NET) book?
are you going to release its 2021 version or will it be the same?
There won't be a new hardcopy for GATE 2021. I request most of the seniors to give their books to others -- the 2020 book is made in much better quality than even standard text books and should easily survive multiple years of usage.

@Arjun Sir it says book is not available on flipkart from where i can buy it and also when it will be available on flipkart .

@Piyush it is only on Amazon.
@Arjun Thanks SIr
Unfortunately, due to the lockdown Amazon services are stopped for 21 days. So, you wont be able to get the books until then.
@Arjun yes sir i got to know about this  till then i will make use of soft copy once the condition gets better i will get the hard ones.
@Arjun Sir Is NP NPC NPH in syllabus as it is there in GO Soft Copy ,both in Algorithms and TOC?
Problems related to P-NP-NPC uses reduction and is part of decidability portion in TOC. But one can avoid by-hearting the list of NPC problems.

Die to lockdown restrictions being relaxed, the hardcopy is now available to be purchased if you are in orange/green zones
Arjun sir please make  a kindle  edition or pdf available . Because of lockdown amazon is not delivering at my location. It may take months for things to normalize. Lockdown should not effect our preparation.

A few suggestions for future hardcopy edition, when and if there's going to be one:

1. Please swap page numbers and the subject name in the top header of each page. The page numbers should be on the outer corner, i.e. on leftmost corner for left side page, and on the rightmost corner on the right side page.

2. It's great that answers are removed entirely from the PDF, Will it be a good idea to shift all the answers to either:

    (a) End of the respective subject, so I don't accidentally see answers when there's like 4-5 questions on one page and the answers are immediately below. 

    (b) Decouple answers and questions, so people can by questions only edition and if they want to they can buy answers book too? otherwise they can always visit the site for answers. 

3. Book Cover, give more importance to subjects available inside the volume. Also, the order of subjects listed on the book cover should match the content inside. Also, text hierarchy for designing cover, e.g. vol-2 text should be bigger than the subjects.

4. Sort topics of each subject with number of questions rather than alphabetically?

Thank you @toxicdesire for suggestions. 

1. Isn't it already the case? Page numbers on the hardcopy are on the outer side only. If you're printing you should make sure first page is even. 

2. Mostly any new book will have only the questions with possibly the answer key alone. In that case answer keys can be moved till the end of the subject. 

3. Will consider this for future covers

4. I don't think it makes sense. Some people do topics based on number of questions asked from it previously. But in any exam this can vary a lot. Also, going alphabetical makes it easier to find a topic. Number of questions count is anyway given. 

1. Unfortunately no. I have ordered from Amazon. They are flipped, like I mentioned, for me at least. Check here.

2. Nice, thank you. 

3. Nice, thank you!

4. Sure. I just thought what was convenient from my point of view. 

Oh. Is it the same for all 3 volumes?
No. Vol1 and Vol3 are okay, only Vol2 is bad.
oh. I guess it happened by mistake at press.
Can't find the solutions in the pdf versions. Can you please tell me where can I find the solutions?
@Arjun Sir Why TIFR problems is not included in COA Subject?
It is there. But TIFR exam hardly has any COA questions as it is more Theoretical Computer Science though they have good questions on OS
Hi ,
I have some queries regarding this book.
-does this book contain theory concepts about subjects with QnA(with solutions) or just QnA(with solutions)?
-Also could you please suggest some book where i can clear my concepts first and then go into previous years questions and answers. I am doing self study.

Thanks in advance. any leads will be appreciated.

@Arjun sir,

The GO books are not available on Amazon right now. When will it be made available??

Is there any other website from which I can order the books?

Thank you

Actually books are sold out in Amazon. About 20 books are available in Trivandrum but there we have the strictest lockdown in India with not even parcel services operating and it's already 2 weeks which is now extended for 10 more days. Only when this is over -- no one knows when -- the 20 books can be made available.
Please let us know once the book is available.
I want to buy GO book hardcopy.But in amazon i can't able to get it.As it it out of stock.Can somebody tell from where GO book hardcopy is available?
I have added the PayU button for purchase. But books can be posted only by August 18.
August 18 will be the last date for the unused book. I mean entire stick will be over. But Amazon now allows used books to be sold on their site. So, anyone can sell their used copies like that.
Sir, I have paid for gate 2021 hard copy of gate over flow previous year question bank 9 days ago. It has been told that books will be sent by 18 August. And i will receive tracking number within 3 days. But till now I have not received any tracking number.And there is no reply of my mail
Sorry, that mail sent automatically was by mistake. As mentioned on the blog, the shipping will happen next week only.
Is gateoverflow hard copy available now?