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Hello Everyone..

This is Tejasvi Sharma ,AIR -78. As my application number was even , so I was interviewed on 14 May. In morning around 9 , all the students were gathered in the conference room. Prof. Sarangi came and briefed us about the process and about the Mtech and MS programs. He said that the MS program is the flagship program and that course should be preferred by the students. He said to be eligible for admission one needs to have interview score of at least 7 for Mtech and score of 9 for MS program. He said the weightage of gate score to the interview score is in ratio of 60:40. They had different panels and they said the process may go late till 8 pm as it went yesterday. The process started and I was lucky enough to be the last candidate before lunch around 1 pm. My interview was taken by 3 professors who were sitting in the Database and AI lab. I was quite nervous sitting outside the room as they were taking more than 20 minutes per candidate and was really in a doubt whether I will be able to survive for this much. Then my turn came and the professors asked me to take a seat and started looking at my profile and started with the questions.

They had some pieces of code written on the board and some of them they used as reference.

1) The prof pointed  to a code on the board which was basically iterating over a Boolean array and stopping when the first zero was encountered. They asked average case analysis for the same. I started wrongly but they corrected me and asked me to start again. I was able to solve the problem and during the time I was writing on the sheet , they were busy talking and kept looking in between at my sheet of paper.

2) They asked me to write a recursive code for computing ceil ( Log (n) ). I was formulating the logic by writing a while.loop and tried to solve it using some values and verified the same. Then they pointed and asked me to write a recursive solution from  the same. I changed the solution to a recursive program  which they verified. Then they asked me to prove the mathematical correctness. I tried to write the recurrence relation for that , but they were not satisfied and asked for proof using mathematical induction. They asked me to solve any problem using PMI after which I solved sum of first n numbers using induction. They verified and said to proceed in the similar way for the same but still I was not able to.

3) Then they asked me about NP Hard problems. I tried to answer them to which they didn't seem satifsfied.

Then they said interview is over. After that I left. I really felt that the professors were somewhat not polite and busy talking among themselves. But I also felt that they try to extract the maximum information from the candidate and they also give some hints when we get stuck.

Verdict- I got selected came to know after COAP round 2.
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Wow Congrats @Tejasvi96!!

" They asked me to solve any problem using PMI after which I solved ....". What is PMI here?

@commenter commenter here PMI is principle of mathematical induction

Yeah @commenter commenter here PMI stands for principle of mathematical induction. They are really very serious about the mathematical proofs and correctness and would generally ask questions on algorithms and their correctness.