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After Gate not going as per my expectations I had my only hopes left for IIITH.. 

28th April 2019

The day for the written test.. The aptitude part was easy and I think practicing questions from india Bix is sufficient for it.. For the 2nd paper the previous year questions are sufficient and I guess 90% paper was from that only. After the paper I was pretty sure that I will be called for the interview as I had answered all the questions (margin of careless mistakes may be 2 or 3).. So when the result came I was really happy!1

13th June 2019

The day of the interview.. We were sitting there from 8:00 am .. We had our orientation followed by the biometric verification… Then we were sent back to the hall to wait for our turn .. My serial number was 18 and panel number was 2.. My chance for the interview came at 3:15 pm..

The panel consisted of three professors .. Let us say P1,P2 and P3.

P1: What is your name?

Me: Anjali Bhatnagar

P2: Why Mtech and why not job?

Me: Sir because I have theoretical knowledge and not much practical knowledge so I want to work more on that and then job.. I want to explore various areas and then choose the best opyion for me.

P2: What is your gate rank and gpa?

Me: My gate rank is 498 and gpa is 8.17.

P2: So what are your favourite subjects?

Me: Algorithms,Data Structure , TOC,DBMS and OS.

P2: quite a long list..

P1: Okay go to the board and draw an antisymmetric matrix..

Me: I drew it and told that for it Aij=-Aji..

P1:Why are the diagonal elements zero?

Me : because for diagonal elements i=j so only possibilty for the condition to be true is that the diagonal elements are zero.

P1: So how will u store it ?

Me: we will require n( n-1)/2 sized array to store the elements .. they asked the logic behind it and I explained it to them..

P2: Okay erase the board.So we have 2 computers and 1 router we are sending the packet from c1 to c2 through the router.. Probability that the packet is transmitted is 0.7.. If we transfer one packet then what is the probablility it will reach.. then for 2 packets that atleast one will reach, that not even one will reach.. 

There was a lot of cross questioning but at the end they were satisfied by the method and the ans!

P3: So u r good at programming(In my resume I had mentioned that I am good at programming).. Go to the board and write your complete name .. Write a program in any programming lang in which you r comfortable to tell the index of the character which occurs first for more than 2 times.

Me: I wrote the code and they were satisfied with it..

P1:U r good for MS.. Why didnt u opt for MS?

Me: Sir because I dont have much knowledge about the research area which I should opt for ..

P2: But you have to choose your research area after 6 months.. 

Me: Yes Sir.. I didnt know about this earlier..

P3: So if  you are offered MS will u take it..

Me: Yes Sir..(I was a bit reluctant to answer yes)

P3: Do u have any other admission offers?

Me:Yes Sir from IIITB

P3: Ok good.. Take a toffee and you may leave 

Me: Thank you Sir..

When I came out it was around 3:45pm.. I was very tensed that they didnt ask me many questions.. none of them from my favourite subjects.. But as the interview was fine overall and I was able to answer all the questions I was happy.

18th june 2019

I saw people posting that the results have been declared .. So fingers crossed I logged in and there I saw the option of Accept Seat.. I was extremely happy !!

I am thankful to everyone who helped me throughout my journey.. my parents , gate overflow .. my friends for always motivating me!!!


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Congratulations :)
thanku :)
Congrats to u.

I was just wondering if u could tell me if u received any acknowledgement from IIIT B regarding refunding of seat acceptance fees.

Anyways hope to meet u in IIIT H .
Ya i mailed them regarding this.. they had sent a withdrawal form after submitting it they sent an acknowledgement that seat has been cancelled and refund will be processed soon...
How to get good in programming like you? Please mention the resources you used to prepare for programming, it will be a lot of help