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So as i begin,

I started my GATE preparation exactly 5 months before the examination, but i was taking coaching from almost 1 year. I never realized the difficulty of this examination until i started studied seriously for the exam. i was able to complete 60-70% of my syllabus (except subjects like discrete maths – which still haunts me) and my test series accuracy was 70-75%. On the exam day, i was very nervous and the exam temperament hit me so hard that i did very silly mistakes which obviously cost me too much.

I was very depressed for a month but later thought of giving a try at the other examinations and started preparing for it. And then MY HARD-WORK PAID OFF

I got selected for interview for IIIT-H ..I rubbed my eyes almost 5 times to check if it was true or was i dreaming. Yes it’s true and then i decided not to lose this opportunity.

On the interview day, while people around me very nervous, i was confident and happy that i made it till the interview round (the only thought i had in my mind is to make my thoughts speak loud and try to answer questions as much as possible)

SO the interview began:

(i will list the questions asked)

  1. Where are you from?
  2. Whats your CGPA?
  3. What are your favourite subjects (ans: DS, Algorithms, OS)
  4. Go to the whiteboard and sort an array using stack ..Done
  5. Given an array of elements how will you find the duplicates .. Answered 2 approaches
  6. One of the answer was hashing, what if the elements size is huge? ...Answered 
  7. Then asked about my mini-project and gave a question based on it
  8. Given a classroom and start and finish time array, max the no of slots that can be used ( tried answering but got stuck in between..they helped me ) (btw it can be done using a greedy approach)
  9. Questions about OS:
    1. what is virtualization ….answered
    2. is virtual memory s/w or h/w implemented …...answered
    3. difference between cache and virtual memory ..answered  (and 3 more questions that i don’t remember)

      10. What is a rank of the matrix

       11. Where it can be used

       12. Why and why not MS


So this is how the interview ended. I had a great time in the interview room

Verdict : Got selected for M.Tech CSE

Conclusion  : the reason for writing this blog is just to tell people that your hard-work never goes waste. Keep trying, you will definitely get what you want. Please don’t give up if you fail, just remember you can come up strong every time you fall.

All the best to everyone who is reading this!!

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Congratulations mam !
Congrats . But what was you rank ?
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