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There are a lot of failures in GATE. 100s of people in top 1000 in GATE prepared by self and approximately 3000 CSE students are in the top 2 GATE coaching centers for CSE alone (contributing about 200-400 in top 1000) and about 4000+ in online courses (contributing about 50-100 in top 1000). If we count all those who took coaching this number will be around 15,000-20,000 and out of these more than 97% failed to get to top 1000. Why is this and who is responsible for this? The one man who is primarily responsible for this is Mr. Isaac Newton.

Now if you do not know what he did, this is what he said

Every body continues to be in its state of rest or of uniform motion in a STRAIGHT LINE unless an EXTERNAL UNBALANCED force acts on it

And due to this almost all GATE aspirants continue in their motion in a straight line without checking if it is correct or not. A few of them who are in good path become toppers. Hardly or almost 0 manages to change their wrong line during their preparation. A few of them do this after GATE when the GATE result acts as the EXTERNAL force. In stead if they use the available previous year papers and other mock tests to evaluate themselves and study from standard text books, some years can be saved. I don’t think this post will act as an external force, still I’m posting for my self satisfaction.

What each person must do is specific to him/her and in India where we have 100s of varieties of people coming from different backgrounds there is no universal way of preparation. Still some of the typical mistakes are as follows:

  1. Not following Cormen and Rosen. These two books are a must for GATE CSE aspirants. Again, GATE CSE portions are only a small part of these books and you can focus only on those.
  2. Mathematical Logic – You must understand first order logic in the proper way and not use some short cut to get to answer. Because this may not work for GATE and this topic is relevant in answering many other topic questions too. 
  3. Ignoring Verbal Ability – Like for above Verbal Ability is crucial in answering many of the CSE questions as well. You do not need to be like Shashi Tharoor but must be at least as good as Virat Kohli in Verbal Ability. 
  4. Blind following – Unfortunately our current generation is trained to do blind following and always asking for questions like “Please tell me what to do, etc”. Instead you should be strong enough to identify your mistakes and take outside help only when strictly needed. 
  5. Solving only those questions which are in your comfort level – this is fine if the comfort level covers >95% of the questions. Otherwise, please switch to some other exam preparation.
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Another excellent textbook which many people don't know about for algorithms is one by Dasgupta and Vazirani. The exercises given behind the chapters are priceless and they should be perfect for GATE prep.

@Arjun Sir  I would like to make a request

Sorry. Our focus is to get GATE toppers.