I would like to share my story with you all.

My rank in gate 2018 was 10374 with marks 27.67. I didn't sit in college placements because I wanted to give it one more shot. Didn't wanted to be a financial burden on my family so I decided to stay at home and study. I arranged some lectures from a friend and started watching them and making notes. But when I started giving mocks I was only scoring around 20-25% marks. I was depressed. I was able to solve previous year questions but wasn't able to score well in mocks. There was a time when I was regretting my decision of not joining a coaching institute.

But then GO came to the rescue. The motivational blogs here are simply awesome. What I have observed is that the main quality of this website is the discussion that follows the answer and a number of different approaches which really helped me understand the concept which the lectures were lacking. These discussions helped me a lot. It helped me change my approach to the question.

As Arjun Sir mentioned the main thing is to evaluate yourself at regular intervals.  I started to note all my mistakes from the mock tests in a seperate notebook and read that daily. That helped me to some extent. But still I was only able to score around 40% in tests. But I completely ignored those marks and focused on learning.

All I want to say to the future aspirants is that don't give too much thought to the mock test marks, find out where you are lacking, find out your mistakes and rectify them and don't ever loose hope while preparing. 2 days prior to the GATE 2019 I gave full length mock and scored 37 but I told myself that this is not me and I'm going to do much much better in the main exam.

I scored 64.67 marks with rank 479 and will join IIT Kanpur Mtech(TA).

Thank you GateOverflow !!!
posted in 2019 Jun 28, 2019
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Lot of  Congratulations 

Journey of your story is inspiration for us 

As Arjun Sir mentioned the main thing is to evaluate yourself at regular intervals.  

Thanks a ton for sharing.

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