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I Will write only key points otherwise it will be very long.


Around 380 students were called for written examination. In this firstly there were 30 questions, i attempted 25 and in this correct will be around 20-21.After this 1 Subjective question(programming) and why u want to do MS. total duration was 2.5 hrs(2 + 0.5).

After this 53 students got shortlisted for interview.

Next day after document verification my interview starts:-

INTERVIEWER : Tell me about yourself MR. SHARAD SHUKLA.

After that they asked me to choose 1 subject from the list and i choose data structure and algorithm.

there were 4 prof. sitting in my panel. and suddenly a voice came and I was little scared and was looking here and there.Actually in my front there was camera and one person named JOHN was seeing me  and it was his voice.

INTERVIEWER :  Given an array of positive integers there is repetition of 0s. How will you find the start and final position of 0s.


INTERVIEWER : Now assume minimum affected area is 10%. Now how will you find.

ME: I will find the 1st position of 0s by linear search and will increment  position by 10% and will check if 0 is available or not.if it is present then there is chance otherwise move forward.i explain whole this concept with termination condition.

INTERVIEWER : your algorithm seems to be working. Now you proof that your algorithm is correct.

INTERVIEWER : what is the height of heap?

INTERVIEWER :- proof that height is long ? heap is called ______ binary tree. fill the blank space.(almost complete binary tree).

INTERVIEWER : one question on how to check a string is the substring of another string.

ME : told the brute force method and told them there is KMP algorithm but i am not able to recall.

INTERVIEWER : Write a recursive function to print factorial of given number. After this they told me to go.

Result :- My name was not in the list but i have received offer from one prof. He told me i am giving you offer. You will work for a project under my guidance.He told me that if i am not going to choose it then please don’t say yes, as it will help other student.After thinking i said No. total students selected (17 HTRA + 8 PROJECT ).



Around 280 students being called for written and coding examination.

There were 30 Questions and time allotted was 2 hrs.

After this coding round was there. 3 questions in 2 hrs.


1. Given a number(suppose 13) then print the sum of digits(1+3 =4) and next perfect square number which is divisible by it is 16 as 16 is divisible by 4 and 16 is perfect square.

2. There was 2 strings .for example :-  str1 – abcde , str2- bcd

now in this we have to reverse str2 in str1 wherever it is present.

for this example output will be adcbe.

3. There were 2 decreasing list and each one ends with -1.

for example : a1 → 9 7 4 3 -1

                       a2 → 6 2 -1

we have to merge it in descending order and also print the average(nearest integer) of final merging list.

here output will be : 9 7 6 4 3 2 and avg 5 (31/6).

Remember coding section is most important section.if you are able to do 3/3 then u will be surely shortlisted for interview and if its 2/3 then it is the case of border line.

Now 85 students got shortlisted (57 for system and 28 for theory)

I was from system side.

INTERVIEWER : Introduce yourself, why ms? After this choose 1 subjects in which you want to work.

ME : data structure and algorithm.

INTERVIEWER :- change your subject. choose one system one.

ME : sir Algorithm is there in system syllabus that’s why i prepare Algorithm.

INTERVIEWER : ok. change your subject now. we will ask data structure and algorithm also.

ME: Sir I can give interview in  other than ds & algorithm also, I have no problem but inside I know that now I will be a goner. i told them database.

INTERVIEWER : Write a Query to write top 10 students name who have scored higher marks in examination.

ME : i used top variable but i write group by instead of order by (panic mode)

INTERVIEWER : what is the use of group by ?

ME :- told.

INTERVIEWER : Then why you use group by here!!

INTERVIEWER : what is natural join?

ME : Told but i was not confident, i was thinking what is happening.

INTERVIEWER : what is concurrency control policies?

ME: It’s 2 PL. But I was out of mind I told them is it acid property? they said no...i tell them directly Sorry sir.

INTERVIEWER : ok come to data structure and algorithm.

Now I feel something good.

INTERVIEWER : given a adjacency matrix rows and columns are will you find a number.

ME :- I told them directly the best solution and also told them i have read this before.

INTERVIEWER : Then we will ask different questions now.

INTERVIEWER : given a string with spaces,void. we have to remove all spaces and void in this.

ME : told the solution but i used one extra array.

INTERVIEWER : told me in place solution of this question.


INTERVIEWER : what is time complexity of this and proof this.


INTERVIEWER : can u reduce this ?

ME: I told them O(N) solution before. so i said no sir.

INTERVIEWER : if you can reduce then reduce it otherwise this is best solution.

ME : sir we have to scan at least one time so its O(N) only.

INTERVIEWER : ok. you can go.

RESULT – SELECTED. total selection ( 18 )


CDS- After written examination.

there were 5 questions in which 3 were simple. 1 question was good and 1 was draw the graph of sinx logx.

INTERVIEWER : Suppose there is 2 graph and we have the values of y value of both graph at same x values. then write the code to check that these two graph are similar or not( both decrease at same time,both increases at same time , both being constant at same time)

I took lot of time approx 10-15 minutes.

ME : Sir i will find the slope using formula y2-y1/x2-x1 of both graph and if slope value of both graph is same at every points then it is similar after that i write code also.

INTERVIEWER : what is the minimum edges required for a graph to be connected?

ME :- N-1


ME :- firstly I write mathematical induction but I erased it and start writing code to count no of edges. and through this minimum will be n-1.

INTERVIEWER : yes. ok. you can go. good night.

RESULT : NOT SELECTED ( there were name of 10 students in list  for research including waiting list)


CSA :- After written examination ( 7 questions were there in theoretical computer science)

there were 3 profs . each of them asked me 1 question.

INTERVIEWER : write a program to check a given number is prime or not.

ME :- Firstly I told them O(N) SOLUTION then I told them O(N^0.5) Solution. as it will be for(i=2;i<=n^0.5;i++)

INTERVIEWER : why you go up to n^0.5 ?

ME: Sir if it is not a prime number then it must have a factor in between 2 and N^0.5

INTERVIEWER : proof it.

ME: I explained this with the help of example. as 16 is 4x 4 now if there is factor between 4 and 16 then surely there will be factor between 2 to 4. as one will increase and other will there must be a factor in between 2 and n^0.5

INTERVIEWER : consider a complete bipartite graph.with n1=n2 . now can u find hamiltonian cycle for this?


INTERVIEWER : NOW its n1= n2+1 .

ME: NO.. reason told.

INTERVIEWER: consider a complete bipartite graph . no of perfect matching in this?

ME: I directly told them formula (2n)!/n! x 2^n  but this is wrong

INTERVIEWER : where you got this formula.

ME : sir I remembered.

INTERVIEWER : proof this. after some time he also tells me this is wrong formula

ME: I was thinking and suddenly they told me to go. I told them i can solve this sir.

i erased all the things. and started thinking freshly.

now I told them the correct answer and was giving explanation.

INTERVIEWER : what is the answer then?

ME : n!



INTERVIEWER : can go now.

RESULT : NOT SELECTED. Think before telling any formula that is is correct or not.don’t go blindly.
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