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I got GS : 618, rank : 1855 and marks : 53.67 in GATE 2019.

I’m not a topper, I didn’t get even under 1000 rank, so why will you read my testimonial about GO? Totally depends on you. GO doesn’t need any testimonial to prove that it’s THE first and ultimate option for Gate Aspirants.

Unfortunately, I came across Gate Overflow during mid-September of 2018, when Gate-2019 was only a few months away. But within only 2-3 months, GO raised my exposure level from 20% to 90%

So, why does so many people believe in Gate Overflow?

Reasons? These many:

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One of the main reasons is that GO provides you an environment, which generally you don’t get, especially if you are from a tier-3 engineering college. The posts from other aspirants, challenging questions, and even more challenging comments, all these things made me realize what a cut-throat, yet healthy competition is going around for Gate.



I got to know a lot about Gate, and what to do after Gate . I came to know about IIITH PGEE, BITS HD, ISI, CMI, TIFR and other highly anticipated examinations and their value. I came across various myth-breaking things about Gate. This kind of exposure is much needed for a student who doesn’t belong to any prestigious institute.



GO PDF is like the Bible for the Gate aspirants. A single PDF, containing years of information and knowledge about the exam of your life. The best thing I liked about GO PDF is that it is directly linked to the Gate Overflow discussion forum. If you couldn’t understand any solution, just a single click takes you into a realm of knowledge, where highly intellectual people have discussed all the approaches to solve that problem.



This website is really helpful, and when i say “really”, I mean “seriously really helpful”. It contains all the resources which you could possibly need for Gate preparation. From reference book to the recommended lectures, everything is properly researched and mentioned here.



Test by mentors, interview experiences, preparation strategy, what to do for a good rank, what NOT to do for a good rank, How to be ready for Masters after Gate, you just name it, and you will find here. Featured questions will tell you the level of difficulty of Gate exam.



One of the best statistical analysis tool I have seen in my life. I don’t know what magical machine learning algorithm it uses, which makes it 99.99% accurate. It’s a wonderful gift from Pragy Sir. I got calls from exactly the colleges which were mentioned in the green list and blue list. The answer keys provided by GO are 100% accurate, even IITs change their original keys as per GO keys.



Instead of wasting your money in a coaching institute and getting spoonfed knowledge from there, join GO CLASSROOM. Doubt solving, discussions, live interaction with mentors, these things are a fortune for someone who is doing self-study for Gate. I will not say anything more about it, join and see for yourself.


And last but not the least……


The Godfather of Gate Overflow, Arjun Sir, an intellectual being, a treasure of knowledge; and I’m not buttering because he doesn’t care about it. I like his sarcastic and straight-forward behaviour, which sometimes leaves you in splits, and many times you will be amazed. I don’t know about his life, I’m just a fan of his knowledge and his way to approach any problem. Just see his answers to previous year questions and you will get the feeling – “Yeah! Man, that’s how you solve a damn problem”. Not only him, but other mentors like Digvijay Sir who helped me during interview preparation after Gate exam, and Bikram Sir who devoted his life to help and guide gate aspirants, and many unknown people who are constantly putting in their efforts to improve the level of education by promoting self-study and self-gaining of knowledge. I don’t think even in my wildest dreams that without these people, I could’ve achieved what I have today.

Even at such a low score and being from General category, I got calls from IIT Madras, IIT Hyderabad, IIIT Delhi and IIT Patna.

I also gave PGEE for IIIT Hyderabad, and cleared the written exam and interview, and got MS in CSE by Research in one of the best institutes in India; and without GO it would’ve been almost impossible.

Thanks to each and every member of GO Community.

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Congrats @Astitva
Congrats Astitva. Hope you rock in IIITH 👍

Thank you @Arjun Sir. I Hope you will be there to guide me through my Masters.

Congratulation sir
From the moment you messaged me the night Praggy sir's app was live ("Bhai me reh gya") to the moment of - "Abe bhai ho gya", It was really a long shot, but the results are really worth the effort. Thanks to GO (a.k.a Myth-Buster as we call it) we're joining such institutes, otherwise, we might've been wasting our lives in TCS. 🤗
GO is our true saviour.

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